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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2008

Issue 4/2008

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

NR-PSS (Nonlinear Robust Power System Stabilizer) for large synchronous generators and its large disturbance experiments on real time digital simulator

Qiang Lu, ShaoMing Zheng, ShengWei Mei, Gang Wang, QiLi Huang

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Novel directional comparison protection for distribution lines

XinZhou Dong, DingDing Yuan, Qiang Lu, ZhiQian Bo

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Phase field simulation of the interface morphology evolution and its stability during directional solidification of binary alloys

JinCheng Wang, JunJie Li, YuJuan Yang, YuXiang Zhang, GenCang Yang

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

High rate deposition of microcrystalline silicon films by high-pressure radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

BingQing Zhou, MeiFang Zhu, FengZhen Liu, JinLong Liu, YuQin Zhou, GuoHua Li, Kun Ding

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

A unified viscoplasticity constitutive model based on irreversible thermodynamics

ChangChun Liu, HeXiang Lü, Ping Guan

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

On coherent structures in a three-dimensional transitional plane jet

Kun Luo, Jie Yan, JianRen Fan, KeFa Cen

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Flow instability of buoyant-Marangoni convection in the LEC GaAs melt

ShuXian Chen, MingWei Li

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Seismic stability and permanent displacement of landfill along liners

YunMin Chen, Deng Gao, Bin Zhu, RenPeng Chen

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

A new numerical method to solve modified Reynolds equation for magnetic head/disk working in ultra-thin gas films

Ping Huang, RongJun Niu, Howard H. Hu

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Research on the hydraulic transformer with new distribution pairs

XiaoPing Ouyang, HuaYong Yang, Bing Xu, XiuHua Xu

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

A level set method for reliability-based topology optimization of compliant mechanisms

XianMin Zhang, GaoFei Ouyang

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Development of Hydro-Informatic Modelling System and its application

ChangMing Liu, ZhongGen Wang, HongXing Zheng, Lu Zhang, XianFeng Wu

01-04-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Materials and technology of Chinese jades dating to the Western Zhou period (1050-771 BCE)

Janet G. Douglas, JunChang Yang

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