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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2015

Issue 4/2015

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

01-04-2015 | Review | Issue 4/2015

Ultrahigh performance concrete-properties, applications and perspectives

ChunPing Gu, Guang Ye, Wei Sun

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Design and engineering implementation of non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage system: TICC-500

ShengWei Mei, JunJie Wang, Fang Tian, LaiJun Chen, XiaoDai Xue, Qiang Lu, Yuan Zhou, XiaoXin Zhou

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Formation of copper oxide nanowires and nanoparticles via electrospinning

YaNan Cai, Wu Wang, Zhe Chen, JianGang Yu, AQing Chen, KaiGui Zhu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Distribution optimization of circulating water in air-cooled heat exchangers for a typical indirect dry cooling system on the basis of entransy dissipation

Jian Sun, Kai Yuan, LiJun Yang, Lin Chen, XiaoZe Du, YongPing Yang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

T-Q̇ diagram analyses and entransy optimization of the organic flash cycle (OFC)

WenHua Wang, XueTao Cheng, XinGang Liang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Non-Fourier heat conduction in a thin gold film heated by an ultra-fast-laser

YuDong Mao, MingTian Xu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Vapor-liquid equilibria of CH4, CO2 and their binary system CH4 + CO2: A comparison between the molecular simulation and equation of state

Zhi Yang, MaoQiong Gong, Yuan Zhou, XueQiang Dong, XiaoDong Li, HuiYa Li, JianFeng Wu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Energy and environmental life-cycle assessment of passenger car electrification based on Beijing driving patterns

HeWu Wang, XiaoBin Zhang, MingGao Ouyang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Lateral stability region conservativeness estimation and torque distribution for FWIA electric vehicle steering

GuoDong Yin, XianJian Jin, ZhiYong Qing, ChenTong Bian

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Measurement errors and correction of the UAT-2 ultrasonic anemometer

XueLing Cheng, Zhen Peng, Fei Hu, QingCun Zeng, WeiDong Luo, YiJun Zhao, ZhongXiang Hong

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Statistical characteristics of the polar ionospheric scale height around the peak height of F2 layer with observations of the ESR radar: Quiet days

Zheng Qiao, ZhiGang Yuan, Feng Qi, ShiYong Huang, HaiMeng Li, HuiMin Li, Ming Li, DeDong Wang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Development of the detonation-driven expansion tube for orbital speed experiments

ZongLin Jiang, Bo Wu, YunLiang Gao, Wei Zhao, ZongMin Hu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Damage identification method of girder bridges based on finite element model updating and modal strain energy

Jie Niu, ZhouHong Zong, FuPeng Chu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

A trial of simple and easy health monitoring for power poles by using ‘ipod’

Naoki Orai, Koji Ichii, Shiho Ishii

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Experimental study on pressure and aeration characteristics in stepped chute flows

WeiLin Xu, ShuJing Luo, QiuWen Zheng, Jing Luo

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

An improvement to the reciprocating gait orthosis for aiding paraplegic patients in walking

DianSheng Chen, Meng Ning, BenGuang Zhang, Guang Yang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Technical advancements and significance of circumlunar return and reentry spacecraft

MengFei Yang, Wu Zhang, Jing Peng, Gao Zhang

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Multi-channel phasemeter and its application in the heterodyne laser interferometry

HeShan Liu, YuHui Dong, ZiRen Luo, YuQiong Li, Gang Jin

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Effect of Cu content on the glass forming ability of Cu-Zr-Ti system studied by ion beam mixing

YuanYu Wang, Qi Wang, BaiXin Liu

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Phase-field modeling of epitaxial growth with the Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier: Model validation and application

XiangLei Dong, Hui Xing, Sha Sha, ChangLe Chen, LiWei Niu, JianYuan Wang, KeXin Jin

01-04-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2015

Simulation of hard-soft material interaction under impact loading employing the material point method

HanTao Liu, Shan Jiang, Zhen Chen, Yong Gan, JianZhong Chang, YanHua Wang, ZhiHui Tong

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