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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2016

Issue 4/2016

Table of Contents ( 19 Articles )

13-10-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Two-dimensional numerical manifold method with multilayer covers

ZhiJun Liu, Hong Zheng

15-12-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Numerical simulation of the separation between concrete face slabs and cushion layer of Zipingpu dam during the Wenchuan earthquake

XianJing Kong, JingMao Liu, DeGao Zou

14-09-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Statistical analysis of one Chinese sun-synchronous satellite anomalies

Tian Tian, QiuGang Zong, Zheng Chang, YongFu Wang, XiaoHua Yang

04-12-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Quasi-periodic variations of low energy cosmic rays

Karel Kudela, Ismail Sabbah

10-09-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

New high-accuracy spacecraft VLBI tracking using high data-rate signal: A demonstration with Chang’E-3

Huan Zhou, DeZhen Xu, ShaoWu Chen, HaiTao Li, GuangLiang Dong

13-10-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

A new type of leak-floor flip bucket

Jun Deng, ZhengLi Yang, Zhong Tian, FaXing Zhang, WangRu Wei, Xiang You, WeiLin Xu

10-11-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Constructing confidence intervals of extreme rainfall quantiles using Bayesian, bootstrap, and profile likelihood approaches

Si Chen, YaXing Li, JiYae Shin, TaeWoong Kim

28-10-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Effect of total phosphorous pollution on cavitation pressure characteristics of working water used in turbines

WenShan Jiang, JinShi Chang

13-08-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Influence of laser geometric morphology type on SiC surface wettability

Rong Wang, ShaoXian Bai

01-04-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Alternating electric field actuated oscillating behavior of liquid metal and its application

XiaoHu Yang, SiCong Tan, Bin Yuan, Jing Liu

01-04-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Complex network theory-based condition recognition of electromechanical system in process industry

RongXi Wang, JianMin Gao, ZhiYong Gao, Xu Gao, HongQuan Jiang

18-02-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Powertrain design and energy management of a novel coaxial series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

LiPeng Zhang, BingNan Qi, RunSheng Zhang, JingChao Liu, LiQiang Wang

18-02-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Constructal optimization of cylindrical heat sources with forced convection based on entransy dissipation rate minimization

ShuWen Gong, LinGen Chen, ZhiHui Xie, HuiJun Feng, FengRui Sun

30-01-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

A novel natural circulation evaporative cooling system for super-high power intensity ECR ion sources

Lin Ruan, Bin Xiong, GuoBiao Gu

03-03-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Evolved clustering analysis of 300 MW boiler furnace pressure sequence based on entropy characterization

Hui Gu, ShaoJun Ren, FengQi Si, ZhiGao Xu, LingLing Zhao

04-03-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

OWC air chamber performance prediction under impulse turbine damping effects

Zhen Liu, BeomSoo Hyun, JiYuan Jin, KeyYong Hong, YoungYeon Lee

30-01-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Effects of polydopamine modification on self-grown CuO cube anodes in lithium-ion batteries

LiHua Hao, LiQiong Wu, ZhiQi Jia, YongXiang Zhao, XinHeng Li

03-02-2016 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Electron backscatter diffraction investigation of duplex-phase microstructure in a forged Zr-2.5Nb alloy

LinJiang Chai, ShuYan Wang, BaiFeng Luan, Qing Liu

28-12-2015 | Article | Issue 4/2016

Robust adaptive cross-coupling position control of biaxial motion system

Wei Chen, DianDian Wang, Qiang Geng, ChangLiang Xia

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