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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

14-09-2017 | Review | Issue 4/2018

State-of-the-art of 3D printing technology of cementitious material—An emerging technique for construction

GuoWei Ma, Li Wang, Yang Ju

07-12-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Molten steel yield optimization of a converter based on constructal theory

LinGen Chen, Xiong Liu, HuiJun Feng, YanLin Ge, ZhiHui Xie

14-12-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Numerical investigation on gas flow heat transfer and pressure drop in the shell side of spiral-wound heat exchangers

QiXiong Tang, GaoFei Chen, ZhiQiang Yang, Jun Shen, MaoQiong Gong

14-07-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Liquid metal spiral coil enabled soft electromagnetic actuator

Rui Guo, Lei Sheng, HengYi Gong, Jing Liu

02-11-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Tool wear performance and surface integrity studies for milling DD5 Ni-based single crystal superalloy

YaDong Gong, Qiang Li, JinGuo Li, Yin Liu, Yao Sun

29-12-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Strain effect on the electronic properties of III-nitride nanosheets: Ab-initio study

Farzaneh Ghasemzadeh, Faramarz Kanjouri

01-02-2018 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Calculation of stress intensity factor in two-dimensional cracks by strain energy density factor procedure

Zhao Fang, AiQun Li, HaiYing Bao, Hao Wang

20-12-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Arc corrosion behavior of Cu-Ti3AlC2 composites in air atmosphere

XiaoChen Huang, Yi Feng, Gang Qian, Hao Zhao, ZhaoKun Song, JingCheng Zhang, XueBin Zhang

17-10-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Microstructural characteristics of cold-rolled Zr-2.5Nb alloy annealed near the monotectoid temperature

LinJiang Chai, Hao Wu, ShuYan Wang, BaiFeng Luan, Yue Wu, XiaoYu Huang

13-12-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Anomaly detection of hot components in gas turbine based on frequent pattern extraction

JinFu Liu, LinHai Zhu, YuJia Ma, Jiao Liu, WeiXing Zhou, DaRen Yu

01-06-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Modeling, measurement and simulation of the disturbance torque generated via solar array drive assembly

JiangPan Chen, Wei Cheng, Ming Li

01-02-2018 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Experimental investigations of a prototype reversible pump turbine in generating mode with water head variations

JinWei Li, YuNing Zhang, JiXing Yu

05-03-2018 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Synchronization criteria for multiple memristor-based neural networks with time delay and inertial term

Ning Li, JinDe Cao

17-08-2017 | Article | Issue 4/2018

Test particle simulation on the ion and electron zebra stripes and their time evolution in inner radiation belt

YongFu Wang, QiuGang Zong, XuZhi Zhou

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