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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2001

Issue 5/2001

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Turbulent lock release gravity current

Guoqian Chen, Joseph H. W. Lee

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

AGENT based structural static and dynamic collaborative optimization

Peien Feng, Zhongyan Qian, Shuangxia Pan, Jianwei Wu, Qingying Qiu

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Stiffness estimation of a parallel kinematic machine

Tian Huang, Xingyu Zhao, Lihua Zhou, Dawei Zhang, Ziping Zeng, D. J. Whitehouse

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Electronic structure of FCC phase in Fe−Mn−Si based shape memory alloys and its stability

Jianfeng Wan, Shipu Chen, Zuyao Xu

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Nanometer structure and conductor mechanism of polymer modified by metal ion implantation

Yuguang Wu, Tonghe Zhang, Yanwen Zhang, Huixing Zhang, Xiaoji Zhang, Gu Zhou

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Flow and heat transfer characteristics in the porous wick condenser of CPL

Yi Qu, Xiaofeng Peng, Tao Liu

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Nonlinear instability and dynamic bifurcation of a plane interface during solidification

Jinping Wu, Anxin Hou, Dinghua Huang, Zhengyu Bao, Zhinong Gao, Songsheng Qu

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Study of water intakes for oncomelania control based on information of oncomelania behavior and CFD results

Damei Li, Xiangsan Wang, Yonggen Lai

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Special hybrid stress element for stress analyses around circular cutouts in laminated composites

Zongshu Tian, Fengdong Zhao, Zheng Tian

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Calculation of the valence electron structures of alloying cementite and its biphase interface

Zhilin Liu, Zhilin Li, Weidong Liu

01-10-2001 | Issue 5/2001

Experimental study on two-phase gas-liquid flow patterns at normal and reduced gravity conditions

Jianfu Zhao, Jingchang Xie, Hai Lin, Wenrui Hu

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