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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2003

Issue 5/2003

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Performance analysis of acceleration resolution for radar signal

Hongzhong Zhao, Qiang Fu

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Simulation of multi-scale heterogeneity of porous media and parameter sensitivity analysis

Yong Zhang, G. E. Fogg

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Columnar to equiaxed transition during alloy solidification

Xin Lin, Yanmin Li, Meng Wang, Liping Feng, Jing Chen, Weidong Huang

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Rapid transient explosive boiling of binary mixture under pulsed-laser irradiation

Xiulan Huai, Dengying Liu, Zhaoyi Dong, Renxi Jin, Guoxiang Wang

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Reliability analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom nonlinear random structure vibration systems with correlation failure modes

Yimin Zhang, Shun Wang, Qiaoling Liu, Bangchun Wen

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Solvothermal preparation and thermoelectric properties of quasi-binary Sn(Pb) Te-Bi2Te3 compounds

Xisong Zhou, Yuan Deng, Guodan Wei, Jing Liu, Cewen Nan

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Kinematic calibration of a class of parallel kinematic machines (PKM) with fewer than six degrees of freedom

Tian Huang, Guobao Tang, Siwei Li, Ya Li, G. Derek Chetwynd, J. David Whitehouse

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

High toughness alumina ceramics with elongated grains developed from seeds

Zhipeng Xie, Lichun Gao, Wenchao Li, Lihua Xu, Xidong Wang

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Micro contact and stick-slip number between AFM probe tip and sample surface

Xiangjun Zhang, Yonggang Meng, Shizhu Wen

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Relationship between fracturing nominal stress and porosity for metal foams under biaxial tension

Peisheng Liu

01-10-2003 | Issue 5/2003

Pore structure of new composite adsorbent SiO2·xH2O· yCaCl2 with high uptake of water from air

Yefeng Liu, Ruzhu Wang

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