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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2004

Issue 5/2004

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

A robust technique to reconstruct sound field for all wave-numbers

Fei Yu, Jian Chen, Weibing Li, Xinzhao Chen

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Integrated precise orbit determination of Shenzhou IV unmanned spacecraft

Congmin Lü, Yidong Gu, Baojun Lin, Jiong Guo

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

The 3-D non-axisymmetrical Lamb’s problem in transversely isotropic saturated poroelastic media

Yi Huang, Xiaogang Wang

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Fuzzy interface treatment in Eulerian method

Jianguo Ning, Longwei Chen

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Electrical property of 8-mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia electrolyte by spark-plasma sintering

Jiawen Jian, Aimin Chang, Bangchao Yang, Yikang Zhang

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Artificial coordinating field and its application to motion planning of robots in uncertain dynamic environments

Xingjian Jing, Yuechao Wang, Dalong Tan

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Influence of moisture content and time on the mechanical behavior of polymer material

Gaofei Zheng, Yilan Kang, Jing Sheng, Qinghua Qin, Huaiwen Wang, Donghui Fu

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

A microcosmic discrete occupant evacuation model based on individual characteristics

Lizhong Yang, Jian Li, Daoliang Zhao, Weifeng Fang, Weicheng Fan

01-09-2004 | Issue 5/2004

Synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays on silicon substrates

Ruiting Zheng, Guo’an Cheng, Yibin Peng, Yong Zhao, Huaping Liu, Changlin Liang

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