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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2006

Issue 5/2006

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Study on the isothermal oxidation behavior in air of Ti3AlC2 sintered by hot pressing

Xuewen Xu, Yangxian Li, Bingchu Mei, Jiaoqun Zhu, Heyan Liu, Jingping Qu

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Analysis for twinning and slip in face-centered cubic crystals under axisymmetric co-deformation

Zhiyong Chen, Hongnian Cai, Xinming Zhang, Fuchi Wang, Chengwen Tan

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Synthesis of 3D ordered macroporous indium tin oxide using polymer colloidal crystal template

Xue’ao Zhang, Yahui Man, Jianfang Wang, Changli Liu, Wenjian Wu

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Study on the two and three-parameter working stability regions of 3Y-TZP suspension

Youqiang Chen, Xinni Zhang, Sha’ou Chen, Ping Qi

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Experimental study on new method and automatic system for fast evaluating Al-Si alloy modification effect in front of furnace

Dequan Shi, Dayong Li, Guili Gao, Lihua Wang

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Synthesis of ZrAlN coatings with thermal stability at high temperature

Dejun Li

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Effects of Mg and Ag elements on the aging precipitation of binary Al-Cu alloy

Min Song, Daihong Xiao

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Deformation of freezing water droplets on a cold copper surface

Jieteng Wang, Zhongliang Liu, Yujun Gou, Xinhua Zhang, Shuiyuan Cheng

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Characters of surface deformation and surface wave in thermal capillary convection

Li Duan, Qi Kang, Wenrei Hu

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

A novel optical filter of fiber Bragg grating

Xiaolu Li, Yuesong Jiang

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

The storage and its stability of space charge in poly(ethylene naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylate)

Xunlin Qiu, Zhongfu Xia, Feipeng Wang

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Prediction method for October 2003 solar storm

Yanqiong Xie, Fengsi Wei, Xueshang Feng, Dingkun Zhong

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