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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2016

Issue 5/2016

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

05-01-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Effects of combined additions of SiO2 and MoS2 nanoparticles as lubricant additive on the tribological properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy

HongMei Xie, Bin Jiang, QingHang Wang, XiangSheng Xia, FuSheng Pan

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Sound absorption coefficient optimization of gradient sintered metal fiber felts

Han Meng, ShuWei Ren, FengXian Xin, TianJian Lu

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Size and shape controllable preparation of graphene sponge by freezing, lyophilizing and reducing in container

LianQin Zhao, BaoWei Yu, XiaoLiang Zhang, RuiHan Wu, XiaoYang Liu, Rong Liao, ShengTao Yang, JianBin Luo

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

The mobility improvement of organic thin film transistors by introducing ZnO-nanrods as an zctive layer

Tao Xie, GuangZhong Xie, HongFei Du, ZongBiao Ye, YuanJie Su, YuYan Chen

11-03-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

A voltage resonance-based single-ended online fault location algorithm for DC distribution networks

Ke Jia, Meng Li, TianShu Bi, QiXun Yang

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

A comprehensive simulation of weak-light phase-locking for space-borne gravitational wave antenna

YuHui Dong, HeShan Liu, ZiRen Luo, YuQiong Li, Gang Jin

15-04-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Liquid spreading on a pre-wetted biomimetic surface inspired by a dog’s tongue

ChengChun Zhang, ZhengYang Wu, ZhiZhao Che, XueLi Li, YouHong Sun, LuQuan Ren

19-01-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Angle-dependent discoloration structures in wing scales of Morpho menelaus butterfly

ShiChao Niu, Bo Li, JunFeng Ye, ZhengZhi Mu, JunQiu Zhang, Yan Liu, ZhiWu Han

28-03-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Impact of hydraulic perforation on fracture initiation and propagation in shale rocks

Xi Zhao, Yang Ju, Yong Yang, Sun Su, WenBo Gong

27-01-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Capacity and failure mechanism of laterally loaded jet-grouting reinforced piles: Field and numerical investigation

Ben He, LiZhong Wang, Yi Hong

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Crack status analysis for concrete dams based on measured entropy

BangBin Wu, ZhongRu Wu, Bo Chen, HuaiZhi Su, TengFei Bao, ShaoWei Wang

03-03-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Parameters inversion of high central core rockfill dams based on a novel genetic algorithm

Wei Zhou, ShaoLin Li, Gang Ma, XiaoLin Chang, Xing Ma, Chao Zhang

20-01-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Modified k-ω model using kinematic vorticity for corner separation in compressor cascades

YangWei Liu, Hao Yan, Le Fang, LiPeng Lu, QiuShi Li, Liang Shao

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Geometric effects of fuel regression rate in hybrid rocket motors

GuoBiao Cai, YuanJun Zhang, PengFei Wang, Tian Hui, Sheng Zhao, NanJia Yu

14-01-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Real-time optimization power-split strategy for hybrid electric vehicles

ChaoYing Xia, Cong Zhang

01-05-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Structured trajectory planning of collision-free lane change using the vehicle-driver integration data

JiangFeng Wang, Qian Zhang, ZhiQi Zhang, XueDong Yan

28-03-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2016

Relation of martensite-retained austenite and its effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of the quenched and partitioned steels

CunYu Wang, Ying Chang, XiaoDong Li, KunMin Zhao, Han Dong

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