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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2017

Issue 5/2017

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

18-04-2017 | Review | Issue 5/2017

Mission overview and key technologies of the first Mars probe of China

PeiJian Ye, ZeZhou Sun, Wei Rao, LinZhi Meng

17-04-2017 | Review | Issue 5/2017

An overview of the mission and technical characteristics of Change’4 Lunar Probe

PeiJian Ye, ZeZhou Sun, He Zhang, Fei Li

10-04-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Thermal performances of non-equidistant helical-coil phase change accumulator for latent heat storage

GaoWei Zhang, Peng Hu, MingHou Liu

31-03-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Experimental investigation of flame propagation characteristics in the in-line crimped-ribbon flame arrester

ShaoChen Sun, ChunHui Ding, XiYu Hu, Gang Liu, Chen Ye, MingShu Bi

30-03-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Analyses of thermodynamic performance for the endoreversible Otto cycle with the concepts of entropy generation and entransy

YanQiu Wu

03-01-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Method to avoid the structural interference of the thrust system of a shield tunneling machine

LinTao Wang, Wei Sun, GuoFang Gong, HuaYong Yang

06-12-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Modeling and optimal energy management of a power split hybrid electric vehicle

DeHua Shi, ShaoHua Wang, Pierluigi Pisu, Long Chen, RuoChen Wang, RenGuang Wang

08-03-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

A hybrid multiple damages detection method for plate structures

YongYing Jiang, JiaWei Xiang, Bing Li, XueFeng Chen, LiQu Lin

12-01-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

MPC-based energy management with adaptive Markov-chain prediction for a dual-mode hybrid electric vehicle

ChangLe Xiang, Feng Ding, WeiDa Wang, Wei He, YunLong Qi

05-04-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Ternary Fe3O4@PANI@Au nanocomposites as a magnetic catalyst for degradation of organic dyes

YuMei Zhu, XiaoWei Zhou, DongSheng Chen, Fang Li, Tao Xue, Ahmed Saad Farag

11-10-2016 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Bioinspired robust nanocomposites of cooper ions and hydroxypropyl cellulose synergistic toughening graphene oxide

Qi Zhang, SiJie Wan, Lei Jiang, QunFeng Cheng

05-01-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Improvement of contact calculation in spherical discontinuous deformation analysis

Long Wang, YuYong Jiao, GangHai Huang, Fei Zheng, ZhiYe Zhao, Fei Tan

09-01-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

Theoretical model for the improved PCC pile using expansive concrete

Hang Zhou, JianMin Hua, XuanMing Ding, Jian Chu

06-01-2017 | Article | Issue 5/2017

High-frequency vibration analysis of thin plate based on wavelet-based FEM using B-spline wavelet on interval

Jia Geng, XingWu Zhang, XueFeng Chen, XiaoFeng Xue

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