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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 6/2007

Issue 6/2007

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Composite insulators and their aging: An overview

Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Salman

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Theoretical and metrical standardization of strain rate sensitivity index

YuQuan Song, ZhiPing Guan, ZhiGang Li, MingHui Wang

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Microstructure evolution of single crystal copper wires in cold drawing

Jian Chen, Wen Yan, XueYan Wang, XinHui Fan

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

GaAs backside via-hole etching using ICP system

HaiLing Wang, Xia Guo, GuangDi Shen

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Microstructure and formation mechanism of twins of laths of austenite with high nitrogen

CuiLan Wu, ChengPing Luo

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Modeling and simulation for train control system using cellular automata

KePing Li, ZiYou Gao, LiXing Yang

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

A distributed inverse iteration method for eigenvalue analysis of interconnected power systems

Chen Shen, Ying Chen, Xu Zhang

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

A rapid forming method and simulation on controllable-porosity coating

HaiOu Zhang, BangYou Hu, GuiLan Wang

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Laser-induced spark ignition of H2/O2/Ar mixtures

ChangJian Wang, ShengLi Xu, GuangMing Jia

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Theoretical analysis of alloy multiplying factor by the empirical electron theory of solids and molecules

YuePeng Song, GuoQuan Liu, ZhiLin Li, ChengMing Feng

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Mesomechanism of steel fiber reinforcement and toughening of reactive powder concrete

Yang Ju, YuDan Jia, HongBin Liu, Jian Chen

01-12-2007 | Issue 6/2007

Thermal-mechanical coupled effect on fracture mechanism and plastic characteristics of sandstone

JianPing Zuo, HePing Xie, HongWei Zhou, SuPing Peng

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