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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 6/2016

Issue 6/2016

Table of Contents ( 16 Articles )

05-03-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Design for structural flexibility using connected morphable components based topology optimization

JiaDong Deng, Wei Chen

05-03-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Topology optimization of supporting structure for seismic response reduction of an arch

Yuji Miyazu, Makoto Ohsaki, Seita Tsuda

01-06-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Thermal-induced transformation of wetting behaviors on laser-textured SiC surfaces

ShaoXian Bai, Rong Wang

17-05-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Molecular dynamics simulation of single crystal Nickel nanometric machining

ZongXiao Zhu, YaDong Gong, YunGuang Zhou, Qi Gao

01-06-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Development of an ultrahard nanotwinned cBN micro tool for cutting hardened steel

JunYun Chen, TianYe Jin, YongJun Tian

30-01-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Risk analysis for a cascade reservoir system using the brittle risk entropy method

Yin Yang, QingWen Ren, Ying Tian, Yao Xiong

01-04-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Clear-water local scouring around three piers in a tandem arrangement

Hao Wang, HongWu Tang, JiangFeng Xiao, Yao Wang, Sheng Jiang

17-05-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

A novel tuned heave plate system for heave motion suppression and energy harvesting on semi-submersible platforms

Kun Liu, JinPing Ou

03-03-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Improving the thermal shock resistance of ceramics by crack arrest blocks

YanWei Wang, Biao Xia, HongHong Su, Hang Chen, Xue Feng

28-03-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Stability switches and bifurcation analysis in a coupled neural system with multiple delays

JuHong Ge, Jian Xu

03-02-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Unified plastic modulus in the bounding surface plasticity model

Yang Xiao, HanLong Liu, Hong Liu, YiFei Sun

04-05-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

A generalized L2-discrepancy for cubature and uncertainty quantification of nonlinear structures

JianBing Chen, PengYan Song

04-03-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

An introduction to the novel vacuum plume effects experimental system

GuoBiao Cai, GuiLong Ling, BiJiao He

16-05-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

High-resolution data acquisition technique in broadband seismic observation systems

ShangHua Gao, Bing Xue, Jiang Li, Zhan Lin, Yang Chen, XiaoYi Zhu

01-06-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Transient stability probability of a power system incorporating a wind farm

YanLi Liu, YiXin Yu

16-05-2016 | Article | Issue 6/2016

Hot deformation behaviour and processing maps of AA6061-10 vol.% SiC composite prepared by spark plasma sintering

XiaoPu Li, ChongYu Liu, XiaoWei Sun, MingZhen Ma, RiPing Liu

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