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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 7/2016

Issue 7/2016

Special Topic: Functional Materials (989–1064)

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

20-06-2016 | Review | Issue 7/2016

The rising star in photovoltaics-perovskite solar cells: The past, present and future

Rui Fang, WenJun Zhang, ShaSha Zhang, Wei Chen

20-06-2016 | Review | Issue 7/2016

Metamaterials beyond negative refractive index: Applications in telecommunication and sensing

RuoPeng Liu, ZhiYa Zhao, ChunLin Ji, Tian Zhou

27-06-2016 | Review | Issue 7/2016

Ferroelectric materials for vibrational energy harvesting

JunDong Song, Jin Wang

26-05-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Regeneration of sintered Rh/ZrO2 catalysts via Rh re-dispersion and Rh–ZrO2 interaction

Jie Wan, YiDan Cao, Rui Ran, Min Li, Yi Xiao, XiaoDong Wu, Duan Weng

02-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Composition dependence of phase structure and electrical properties of (1−y)Bi1−x Nd x FeO3−y BiScO3 ceramics

Hong Tao, JiaGang Wu

04-05-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Thermoelectric transport properties of BiCuSeO with embedded La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 nanoinclusions

YaoChun Liu, JinLe Lan, BoPing Zhang, YuanHua Lin, CeWen Nan

16-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Composites of sodium manganese oxides with enhanced electrochemical performance for sodium-ion batteries: Tailoring properties via controlling microstructure

JiaJia Huang, Jian Luo

16-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Structural and electrical properties of high Curie temperature Aurivillius phase composite ceramics with largely enhanced piezoelectricity

YunLi Wang, Kai Cai, JingTao Ma, Fei Zeng, Dong Guo

27-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Large electrocaloric effect in BaTiO3 based multilayer ceramic capacitors

Biao Lu, XinHua Wen, ZhenHua Tang, Bo Liang, Tao Tao, ZhiWei Xie, TianFu Zhang, XinGui Tang, Yong Xiang, Jie Liao, ShengGuo Lu

16-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

An unconventional phase field modeling of domains formation and evolution in tetragonal ferroelectrics

YouGang Zhou, JinLin Peng, Kai Pan, YunYa Liu

27-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Numerical simulation of heat transfer process in cement grate cooler based on dynamic mesh technique

Wei Shao, Zheng Cui, NaiHua Wang, Lin Cheng

27-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Differences and relations of objectives, constraints, and decision parameters in the optimization of individual heat exchangers and thermal systems

Qun Chen, YiFei Wang

28-06-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

In-situ TEM study of the dynamic behavior of the graphene-metal interface evolution under Joule heating

JiaKe Wei, Zhi Xu, Hao Wang, WenLong Wang, XueDong Bai

26-02-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Blow-by and tribological performance of piston ring pack during cold start and warm idle operations

Jun Cheng, XiangHui Meng, YouBai Xie, XiaoLi Kong

29-02-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Pressure-controlled elliptical cavity expansion under anisotropic initial stress: Elastic solution and its application

Hang Zhou, GangQiang Kong, HanLong Liu

30-01-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

Numerical investigation on the thermal protection mechanism for blunt body with forward-facing cavity

XinDong Li, ZongMin Hu, ZongLin Jiang

11-03-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

An analysis of the correlation between the fluxes of high-energy electrons and low-middle-energy electrons in the magnetosphere

ChenFang Li, Hong Zou, QiuGang Zong, XiangHong Jia, HongFei Chen, WeiHong Shi, XiangQian Yu

08-03-2016 | Article | Issue 7/2016

A novel satellite-equipped receiver for autonomous monitoring of GNSS navigation signal quality

Jian Yang, YiKang Yang, JiSheng Li, HengNian Li, TianShe Yang

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