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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 8/2008

Issue 8/2008

Engineering Thermophysics

Table of Contents ( 22 Articles )

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Development of SOM combustion model for Reynolds-averaged and large-eddy simulation of turbulent combustion and its validation by DNS

LiXing Zhou

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Research methods and performance analysis for the moderately high temperature refrigerant

Lin Shi, Cheng Zan

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Recent progress in thermodynamics of radiation—exergy of radiation, effective temperature of photon and entropy constant of photon

ZeShao Chen, SongPing Mo, Peng Hu

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Transient radiative heat transfer in an inhomogeneous participating medium with Fresnel’s surfaces

HongLiang Yi, HePing Tan

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Study on leakage flow characteristics of radial inflow turbines at rotor tip clearance

QingHua Deng, JiuFang Niu, ZhenPing Feng

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Numerical simulation of pressure fluctuation in Kaplan turbine

ShuHong Liu, Jie Shao, ShangFeng Wu, YuLin Wu

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

The improvement of Clausius entropy and its application in entropy analysis

Jing Wu, ZengYuan Guo

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

The effects of gas models on the predicted performance and flow of a centrifugal refrigeration compressor stage

ZhiHeng Wang, Guang Xi

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Parallel computing strategy for the simulation of particulate flows with immersed boundary method

ZeLi Wang, JianRen Fan, Kun Luo

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Experimental investigation of effects of bio-additives on fuel economy of the gasoline engine

ChunDe Yao, ZhiHui Zhang, YuanLi Xu, Yu Huang

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Online recognition of the multiphase flow regime

BoFeng Bai, ShaoJun Zhang, Liang Zhao, XiMin Zhang, LieJin Guo

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Mechanism and numerical analysis of heat transfer enhancement in the core flow along a tube

Wei Liu, Kun Yang

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Particle image velocimetry for an automatic cooling device using temperature-sensitive magnetic fluid

WenLei Lian, Qiang Li, YiMin Xuan

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Research on solar aided coal-fired power generation system and performance analysis

YongPing Yang, YingHong Cui, HongJuan Hou, XiYan Guo, ZhiPing Yang, NinLing Wang

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Mechanisms of suppressing cup-burner flame with water vapor

BeiHua Cong, GuangXuan Liao

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Numerical simulation of heat transfer of latent functionally thermal fluid in tubes with coaxially inserted cylindrical bars in laminar

Jian Jin, PeiQing Liu, GuiPing Lin

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Deposition of aerosol in a laminar pipe flow

XiaoWei Luo, SuYuan Yu

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

The event-driven constant volume method for particle coagulation dynamics

HaiBo Zhao, ChuGuang Zheng

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

The simulation of nature gas production from ocean gas hydrate reservoir by depressurization

YuHu Bai, QingPing Li, XiangFang Li, Yan Du

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

“Volume-Point” heat conduction constructal optimization with entransy dissipation minimization objective based on rectangular element

ShuHuan Wei, LinGen Chen, FengRui Sun

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Defect agglomeration in ferroelectric ceramics under cyclic electric field

LiMing Geng, Wei Yang

01-08-2008 | Issue 8/2008

Application of entransy dissipation extremum principle in radiative heat transfer optimization

Jing Wu, XinGang Liang

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