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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 8/2012

Issue 8/2012

Special Topic on Mechanical Engineering (2083-2125) Special Topic on Engineering Thermophysics (2126-2205)

Table of Contents ( 34 Articles )

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Construction of adaptive redundant multiwavelet packet and its application to compound faults detection of rotating machinery

JingLong Chen, YanYang Zi, ZhengJia He, XiaoDong Wang

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Structural bionic design for high-speed machine tool working table based on distribution rules of leaf veins

DengHai Xing, WuYi Chen, Ling Zhao, JianFeng Ma

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Compliant mechanisms design based on pairs of curves

NianFeng Wang, XianMin Zhang

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Riccati difference equation in optimal control for magnetic bearings

Li Zhang, Kun Liu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Bioelectrochemical control mechanism with variable-frequency regulation for skeletal muscle contraction—Biomechanics of skeletal muscle based on the working mechanism of myosin motors (II)

YueHong Yin, Xing Chen

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Entransy dissipation analysis and optimization of separated heat pipe system

XiaoDong Qian, Zhen Li, JiAn Meng, ZhiXin Li

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Study on the pre-ignition characteristics of wire insulation in the narrow channel setup

Kai Wang, BaoRui Wang, YuHua Ai, WenJun Kong

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Theoretical and experimental study of the thermal conductivity of nanoporous media

PeiXue Jiang, Heng Xiang, RuiNa Xu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Performance analysis of air-water dual source heat pump water heater with heat recovery

ZeShao Chen, WenQuan Tao, YanWen Zhu, Peng Hu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Experimental study and analysis of a novel multi-media plate heat exchanger

JiWei Song, Fei Wang, Lin Cheng

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Single-step chemistry model and transport coefficient model for hydrogen combustion

ChangJian Wang, Jennifer Wen, ShouXiang Lu, Jin Guo

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Conversion potential energy and its application to thermodynamic optimization

Jing Wu, ZengYuan Guo

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Steady thermal-solutal capillary convection in a shallow annular pool with the radial temperature and concentration gradients

YouRong Li, ZhenXing Gong, ChunMei Wu, ShuangYing Wu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Vertically oriented TiO2 nanotube arrays with different anodization times for enhanced boiling heat transfer

Jia Xu, MingJie Yang, JinLiang Xu, XianBing Ji

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Investigation of film cooling on the leading edge of turbine blade based on detached eddy simulation

JunYu Liang, Shun Kang

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Turbine efficiency test on a large hydraulic turbine unit

ZongGuo Yan, LingJiu Zhou, ZhengWei Wang

01-08-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 8/2012

Metallic glass formation in the ternary Ni-Nb-Mo system by ion beam mixing

Yang Li, TongLe Wang, Ning Ding, JianBo Liu, BaiXin Liu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Analysis and assessment of bridge health monitoring mass data—progress in research/development of “Structural Health Monitoring”

AiQun Li, YouLiang Ding, Hao Wang, Tong Guo

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Review of actuators for high speed active flow control

Lin Wang, ZhenBing Luo, ZhiXun Xia, Bing Liu, Xiong Deng

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Double network hydrogel with high mechanical strength: Performance, progress and future perspective

YongMei Chen, Kun Dong, ZhenQi Liu, Feng Xu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Preform-based toughening technology for RTMable high-temperature aerospace composites

XiaoSu Yi, QunFeng Cheng, ZhiZhen Liu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Experimental and numerical studies on the prediction of bendability limit of QSTE340 welded tube in NC bending process

He Yang, Ning Ren, Mei Zhan, ZhiYong Zhang, YaTao Qin, HaoMin Jiang, KeShan Diao, XinPing Chen

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Sound absorption performance of natural fibers and their composites

WeiDong Yang, Yan Li

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Study on the hydration product of cement in early age using TEM

Song Han, PeiYu Yan, RengGuang Liu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Effect of humidity on microstructure and properties of YBCO films prepared by Electron Beam Coevaporation

LianHong Wang, YongHua Shu, Jing Fan

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

The analysis of X-ray response of CdZnTe detectors

GangQiang Zha, Hang Xiang, Ting Liu, YaDong Xu, Tao Wang, WanQi Jie

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Comprehensive evaluation methods for dam service status

ZhongRu Wu, Bo Xu, ChongShi Gu, ZhanChao Li

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Hydrophobicity and carbonation treatment of earthen monuments in humid weather condition

Min Li, HuYuan Zhang

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Uncertainty analysis of hydrological processes based on ARMA-GARCH model

HongRui Wang, Xiong Gao, LongXia Qian, Song Yu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Study on asymmetric interior corner flow in microgravity condition

JingHao Li, XiaoQian Chen, YiYong Huang, YuZhu Bai

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Performance calculation and improved model research of direct-drive permanent magnet generator based on FEM

Jian Zhang, HeMing Li, YingLi Luo, Na Dou, XueShen Cui

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Partial discharge characteristics of interturn insulation used for inverter-fed traction motor under bipolar impulses

GuangNing Wu, KaiJiang Cao, Yang Luo, Bo Gao, Peng Wang, YiQiang Zhang, HuiHui Xu

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Survival analysis of car travel time near a bus stop in developing countries

XiaoBao Yang, ZiYou Gao, HongWei Guo, Mei Huan

01-08-2012 | Issue 8/2012

Consolidation and dynamics of 3D unsaturated porous seabed under rigid caisson breakwater loaded by hydrostatic pressure and wave

JianHong Ye, DongSheng Jeng, A. H. C. Chan

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