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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 8/2017

Issue 8/2017

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

08-06-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Shock wave standoff distance of near space hypersonic vehicles

YuMeng Hu, HaiMing Huang, Jin Guo

20-04-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Prediction of stall inception in multi-stage compressors based on an eigenvalue approach

FanJie Cheng, DaKun Sun, Xu Dong, XiaoFeng Sun

08-12-2016 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Aerodynamic/mechanism optimization of a variable camber Fowler flap for general aviation aircraft

Yun Tian, Tao Wang, PeiQing Liu, PeiHua Feng

05-07-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Entransy analyses of the thermodynamic cycle in a turbojet engine

XueTao Cheng, XinGang Liang

19-07-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Study on the performance of TEG with heat transfer enhancement using graphene-water nanofluid for a TEG cooling system

YiHuai Li, ZiHua Wu, HuaQing Xie, JiaoJiao Xing, JianHui Mao, YuanYuan Wang, Zhen Li

15-06-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Deformation analysis of the flexspline of harmonic drive gears considering the driving speed effect using laser sensors

DongHui Ma, JiaNing Wu, Tao Liu, ShaoZe Yan

14-02-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

A Fourier spectrum-based strain energy damage detection method for beam-like structures in noisy conditions

ZhiBo Yang, XueFeng Chen, Maciej Radzienski, Pawel Kudela, Wieslaw Ostachowicz

23-03-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

A new alternative approach for investigating acidization dissolution front propagation in fluid-saturated carbonate rocks

ChongBin Zhao, Bruce Hobbs, Alison Ord

08-03-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Determination of T-stress using finite element analysis

ShiBin Tang, Zuo Dong, RunQiu Huang

07-07-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Integrated adaptive dynamic surface car-following control for nonholonomic autonomous electric vehicles

JingHua Guo, YuGong Luo, KeQiang Li

14-04-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Path planning and stability control of collision avoidance system based on active front steering

ChunYan Wnag, WanZhong Zhao, ZhiJiang Xu, Guan Zhou

23-05-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Seismic behavior of precast concrete coupled shear walls with engineered cementitious composite (ECC) in the critical cast-in-place regions

Jian Yang, ShuTing Liang, XiaoJun Zhu, ChongFang Sun, ZhengXing Guo

17-05-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

α→β Transformation characteristics revealed by pulsed laser-induced non-equilibrium microstructures in duplex-phase Zr alloy

LinJiang Chai, ShuYan Wang, Hao Wu, Ning Guo, HuCheng Pan, LiangYu Chen, K. L. Murty, Bo Song

02-05-2017 | Article | Issue 8/2017

Application of Lagrange’s equation to rigid-elastic coupling dynamics

XiaoJiu Feng, LiFu Liang, HaiYan Song

15-06-2017 | News & Views | Issue 8/2017

Opinion on the recent development of injectable biomaterials for treating myocardial infarction

Wei Wang, Shuang Liang, WenGuang Liu

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