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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 9/2016

Issue 9/2016

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

18-07-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

A method for detection and quantification of meshing characteristics of harmonic drive gears using computer vision

DongHui Ma, JiaNing Wu, ShaoZe Yan

14-07-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Stripe theory based numerical method for solving asymmetrical hysteresis of friction force in linear rolling guideways

Yang Zhao, YinHu Xi, JunHong Mao, Patrick Pat Lam Wong

01-09-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Mesh stiffness evaluation of an internal spur gear pair with tooth profile shift

ZaiGang Chen, WanMing Zhai, YiMin Shao, KaiYun Wang

24-05-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Cold plasma redistribution throughout geospace

John C. Foster

22-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Improved position estimates for the Chinese Deep Space Station Kashi derived by geodetic very long baseline interferometry

DeZhen Xu, GuangLiang Dong, Huan Zhou, HaiTao Li

18-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Constructal entransy dissipation rate minimization of a rectangular body with nonuniform heat generation

HuiJun Feng, LinGen Chen, ZhiHui Xie, FengRui Sun

17-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Study on dynamic response of multi-body structure under explosive driving

YuZhe Zhao, TianBao Ma, Jian Li, JianGuo Ning

05-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Synergetic effects of blended materials for Lithium-ion batteries

Heng Ren, YanQun Guo, ZhenLian Chen, XianHui Zhang, ZhiFeng Zhang, YanTu Li, QingGang Zhang, QingGuo Wu, Jun Li

12-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Polyvinylpyrrolidone/graphene oxide thin films coated on quartz crystal microbalance electrode for NH3 detection at room temperature

XingFang Ma, GuangZhong Xie, YuanJie Su, HongFei Du, Tao Xie, YaDong Jiang

09-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Azobenzene/graphene hybrid for high-density solar thermal storage by optimizing molecular structure

Man Li, YiYu Feng, EnZuo Liu, ChengQun Qin, Wei Feng

22-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Investigation of shunt solar cells’ currents based on equivalent circuit model

ShiGuang Yi, WanHui Zhang, Hui Shen, WenJie Zhang, ZhiRong Luo, Le Chen

01-09-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Fabrication of iridium oxide neural electrodes at the wafer level

He Zhang, WeiHua Pei, ShanShan Zhao, XiaoWei Yang, RuiCong Liu, YuanYuan Liu, Xian Wu, DongMei Guo, Qiang Gui, XuHong Guo, Xiao Xing, YiJun Wang, HongDa Chen

12-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Full-solution-processed high mobility zinc-tin-oxide thin-film-transistors

YunGe Zhang, GenMao Huang, Lian Duan, GuiFang Dong, DeQiang Zhang, Yong Qiu

12-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Analysis and comparison of three leg models for bionic locust robot based on landing buffering performance

ZiQiang Zhang, DianSheng Chen, KeWei Chen

12-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Modeling and prediction for the thrust on EPB TBMs under different geological conditions by considering mechanical decoupling

Qian Zhang, CuiXia Su, QingHua Qin, ZongXi Cai, ZhenDe Hou, YiLian Kang

03-05-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Hybrid membrane computing and pigeon-inspired optimization algorithm for brushless direct current motor parameter design

YiMin Deng, WeiRen Zhu, HaiBin Duan

17-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Parameter sensitivity and inversion analysis of a concrete faced rock-fill dam based on HS-BPNN algorithm

PengMing Sun, TengFei Bao, ChongShi Gu, Ming Jiang, Tian Wang, ZhongWen Shi

08-08-2016 | Article | Issue 9/2016

Modeling of strength and deformation of overconsolidated clays based on bounding surface plasticity

Yang Xiao, HanLong Liu, YiFei Sun, Hong Liu

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