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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 9/2017

Issue 9/2017

Special Topic · Green Aviation Research

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

19-07-2017 | Review | Issue 9/2017

Drag reduction via turbulent boundary layer flow control

Adel Abbas, Gabriel Bugeda, Esteban Ferrer, Song Fu, Jacques Periaux, Jordi Pons-Prats, Eusebio Valero, Yao Zheng

08-06-2017 | Review | Issue 9/2017

Composites recycling solutions for the aviation industry

Kok Wong, Chris Rudd, Steve Pickering, XiaoLing Liu

03-08-2017 | Review | Issue 9/2017 Open Access

Environmental analysis of innovative sustainable composites with potential use in aviation sector—A life cycle assessment review

Jens Bachmann, Carme Hidalgo, Stéphanie Bricout

02-06-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Curing kinetics and mechanical properties of bio-based composite using rosin-sourced anhydrides as curing agent for hot-melt prepreg

XuFeng Zhang, YunQiQiGe Wu, JiaHu Wei, JianFeng Tong, XiaoSu Yi

14-04-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Synthesis of multifunctional monomers from rosin for the properties enhancement of soybean-oil based thermosets

Yuan Liu, Chao Li, JinYue Dai, YanHua Jiang, XiaoQing Liu, Jin Zhu

08-07-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Low velocity impact response and energy absorption behavior on glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites

YiOu Shen, Bing Jiang, Yan Li, Xu Jiang

08-08-2017 | Review | Issue 9/2017

Processing of advanced thermoelectric materials

JingFeng Li, Yu Pan, ChaoFeng Wu, FuHua Sun, TianRan Wei

22-06-2017 | Review | Issue 9/2017

A survey on fabrication, control, and hydrodynamic function of biomimetic robotic fish

JunZhi Yu, Li Wen, ZiYu Ren

24-03-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Automatic modeling together with numerical simulation of the different-scale microstructures of human tooth enamels

Tao Liu, Qiang Deng, Dan Yang, Jing Zheng, JianTao Liu, ZhongRong Zhou

13-06-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Friction and wear of textured surfaces produced by 3D printing

Yi Hong, Peng Zhang, Kwang-Hee Lee, Chul-Hee Lee

20-07-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Analysis of surface and sub-surface of cold-rolled Al plate lubricated with water- or oil-based lubricants

XiWen Tang, ChenHui Zhang, Yan Wang, Ye Yang, Juan Hu

17-05-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Theoretical and experimental study of 2D conformability of stretchable electronics laminated onto skin

WenTao Dong, Lin Xiao, Chen Zhu, Dong Ye, ShuoDao Wang, YongAn Huang, ZhouPing Yin

21-07-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Numerical analysis on shock-cylinder interaction using immersed boundary method

Kun Luo, YuJuan Luo, Tai Jin, JianRen Fan

02-05-2017 | Article | Issue 9/2017

Partial convergence of heterogeneous Hegselmann-Krause opinion dynamics

Wei Su, YaJuan Gu, Sha Wang, YongGuang Yu

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