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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 9/2018

Issue 9/2018

Special Topic: Advanced Rare Earth Science and Technology .

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

23-04-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Advances in luminescent lanthanide complexes and applications

Chen Wei, Li Ma, HuiBo Wei, ZhiWei Liu, ZuQiang Bian, ChunHui Huang

31-07-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Lanthanide complexes mediated coordinative chain transfer polymerization of conjugated dienes

Feng Wang, Heng Liu, YanMing Hu, XueQuan Zhang

07-08-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Pulling growth technique towards rare earth single crystals

CongTing Sun, DongFeng Xue

09-08-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Revisit of energy transfer upconversion luminescence dynamics—the role of energy migration

LangPing Tu, Jing Zuo, Hong Zhang

17-07-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Gaseous sorption and electrochemical properties of rare-earth hydrogen storage alloys and their representative applications: A review of recent progress

Fei Liang, Jing Lin, Yong Cheng, DongMin Yin, YaoMing Wu, LiMin Wang

19-07-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Progress in the extraction and separation of rare earths and related metals with novel extractants: A review

ShengTing Kuang, WuPing Liao

13-07-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Recent advances in gadolinium-based MRI metal responsive agent

Lei Zhang, JingJing Li, Kai Liu

31-07-2018 | Review | Issue 9/2018

Highly efficient green organic light-emitting devices based on terbium complex by employing hole block material as host

XueSen Zhao, ZiFeng Zhao, Liang Zhou, Qi Zhu, ZhiWei Liu, ZuQiang Bian, ChunHui Huang, HongJie Zhang

09-08-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Evolution of microstructure and high temperature tensile properties of as-extruded TiBw reinforced near-α titanium matrix composite subjected to heat treatments

Bo Wang, HaoBiao Zhang, LuJun Huang, JianLi He, YouFeng Zhang, Wei Wang

02-08-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Deformation mode-determined misorientation and microstructural characteristics in rolled pure Zr sheet

LinJiang Chai, JiYing Xia, Yan Zhi, YinNing Gou, LiangYu Chen, ZhiNan Yang, Ning Guo

10-07-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Mechanical properties of nanocrystalline nanoporous gold complicated by variation of grain and ligament: A molecular dynamics simulation

JieJie Li, YueHui Xian, HongJian Zhou, RunNi Wu, GuoMing Hu, Re Xia

15-08-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

3D MHD simulation of the double-gradient instability of the magnetotail current sheet

AiYing Duan, Huai Zhang, HaoYu Lu

02-03-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Validation results of NmF2 and hmF2 derived from ionospheric density profiles of GNOS on FY-3C satellite

GuangLin Yang, YueQiang Sun, WeiHua Bai, XiaoXin Zhang, CongLiang Liu, XiangGuang Meng, YanMeng Bi, DongWei Wang, DanYang Zhao

16-08-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Stability analysis for a class of impulsive competitive neural networks with leakage time-varying delays

Chaouki Aouiti, El Abed Assali, JinDe Cao, Ahmed Alsaedi

02-02-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Study on power generations and dynamic responses of the bistable straight beam and the bistable L-shaped beam

MingHui Yao, Li Ma, Wei Zhang

01-09-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Practical seismic analysis of large underground structures: Theory and application

JingBo Liu, XiaoBo Zhang

01-02-2018 | Article | Issue 9/2018

Defect inspection of flip chip package using SAM technology and fuzzy C-means algorithm

XiangNing Lu, Fan Liu, ZhenZhi He, LiYi Li, NingNing Hu, Lei Su

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