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This report describes recent trouble-shooting results in aircraft engineering concerning a self-induced fault mechanism of a hydraulic servo-valve. It presents a possible root cause for past aircraft accidents and as such helps to avoid such malfunction and its fatal consequences in the future.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Occurrence and Suspicion

The state-of-the-art brake system of a modern transport aircraft is actuated electro-hydraulically. Such a so-called ‘brake-by-wire’ system of a regional aircraft failed sporadically whilst operating without any typical error patterns. In this chapter some fundamental contemplation and observations will be discussed for better understanding whilst reading the later chapters. A hypothesis will be derived prior to discussing results from the experiments.
Taehun Seung

Chapter 2. Survey and Supposition

In this chapter, some essential measurement data from the troubleshooting will be analyzed regarding the coherences of physical effects.
Taehun Seung

Chapter 3. Supplements and Inference

In this chapter, some additional explanations are given to complete the observation. This will show that the self-induced fault introduced in this report may occur at any hydraulic servo valves of similar working principle. Finally, the entire working mechanism as discovered will be described as the final conclusion.
Taehun Seung


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