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05-02-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

The VLDB Journal 3/2021

Semantic embedding for regions of interest

The VLDB Journal > Issue 3/2021
Debjyoti Paul, Feifei Li, Jeff M. Phillips
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The available spatial data are rapidly growing and also diversifying. One may obtain in large quantities information such as annotated point/place of interest (POIs), check-in comments on those POIs, geo-tagged microblog comments, and demarked regions of interest (ROI). All sources interplay with each other, and together build a more complete picture of the spatial and social dynamics at play in a region. However, building a single fused representation of these data entries has been mainly rudimentary, such as allowing spatial joins. In this paper, we extend the concept of semantic embedding for POIs (points of interests) and devise the first semantic embedding of ROIs, and in particular ones that captures both its spatial and its semantic components. To accomplish this, we develop a multipart network model capturing the relationships between the diverse components, and through random-walk-based approaches, use this to embed the ROIs. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this embedding at simultaneously capturing both the spatial and semantic relationships between ROIs through extensive experiments. Applications like popularity region prediction demonstrate the benefit of using ROI embedding as features in comparison with baselines.
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