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Service Oriented Computing and Applications

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16-08-2018 | Special Issue Paper

Quick fix for obstacles emerging in management recruitment measure using IOT-based candidate selection

In this paper, decision-making tool is developed for the identification of the optimal aspirant for the recruitment procedure. It is developed using the IoT-based smart sensor architecture and Visual Studio programming language. The ideal …

14-08-2018 | Original Research Paper

Fog computing for the integration of agents and web services in an autonomic reflexive middleware

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has emerged as a dominant architecture for interoperability between applications, by using a weakly coupled model based on the flexibility provided by web services, which has led to a wide range of applications …

13-08-2018 | Special Issue Paper

Hybrid IT architecture by gene-based cryptomata (HITAGC) for lightweight security services

In the computing world, the digital transformation of data grows exponentially with every year. However, these situations are predominantly tackled by leading enterprises through by adopting a hybrid IT model. This model effectively supports the …

29-03-2018 | Original Research Paper

Declarative Web services composition using proofs

Over the last decade, Web services composition has become a thriving area of research and development endeavors for application integration and interoperability. Although Web services composition has been heavily investigated, several issues still …

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The aim of Service-Oriented Computing & Applications is to publish original and high quality research results on the service-oriented computing (SOC) paradigm, models and technologies that have significant contributions to the advancement of service oriented systems and their applications.

The journal focuses on the issues and research results related to the development of service-oriented technology, including service infrastructures, theoretical foundations and their applications and experiences in service-oriented computing. Topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, the following subjects as they relate to service-oriented computing and applications:Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Oriented Software Engineering, System Technology, Business Services and Technology, Service-Oriented Semantic Computing, Cloud Services, Big Data as a Service, Internet of Services, and Service-Oriented Applications.

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