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Service Oriented Computing and Applications

Service Oriented Computing and Applications OnlineFirst articles

10-11-2018 | Special Issue Paper

Recruiting the K-most influential prospective workers for crowdsourcing platforms

Viral marketing is widely used by businesses to achieve their marketing objectives using social media. In this work, we propose a customized crowdsourcing approach for viral marketing which aims at efficient marketing based on information …

31-10-2018 | Special Issue Paper

Privacy preservation for recommendation databases

Since recommendation systems play an important role in the current situations where such digital transformation is highly demanded, the privacy of the individuals’ collected data in the systems must be secured effectively. In this paper, the …

24-10-2018 | Special Issue Paper

A review and future directions of SOA-based software architecture modeling approaches for System of Systems

Software architecture is a software system’s earliest set of design decisions that are critical for the quality of the system desired by the stakeholders. The architecture makes it easier to reason about and manage change during different phases …

24-10-2018 | Special Issue Paper

From inter-organizational business process models to service-oriented architecture models

Today’s business processes become increasingly complex and often cross the boundaries of the organizations. On the one hand, to support their business processes, modern organizations use enterprise information systems that need to be aware of the …

20-10-2018 | Original Research Paper

Resource-sharing among autonomous agents

A comparative study of selfish versus altruistic behaviour

We study a scenario for cloud services based on autonomous resource management agents in situations of competition for limited resources. In the scenario, autonomous agents make independent decisions on resource consumption in a competitive …

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The aim of Service-Oriented Computing & Applications is to publish original and high quality research results on the service-oriented computing (SOC) paradigm, models and technologies that have significant contributions to the advancement of service oriented systems and their applications.

The journal focuses on the issues and research results related to the development of service-oriented technology, including service infrastructures, theoretical foundations and their applications and experiences in service-oriented computing. Topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, the following subjects as they relate to service-oriented computing and applications: Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Oriented Software Engineering, System Technology, Business Services and Technology, Service-Oriented Semantic Computing, Cloud Services, Big Data as a Service, Internet of Services, and Service-Oriented Applications.

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