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Sexuality Research and Social Policy 2/2020
Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Issue 2/2020


Table of Contents (15 Articles)


The Future of Evidence: Queerness in Progressive Visions of Sexuality Education
Jamie O’Quinn, Jessica Fields


Comparing Sexuality-Related Cognitions, Sexual Behavior, and Acceptance of Sexual Coercion in Dating App Users and Non-Users
Paulina Tomaszewska, Isabell Schuster


Interpersonal Vulnerability and Its Association with Depressive Symptoms Among Gay and Heterosexual Men
Geva Shenkman, Kfir Ifrah, Dov Shmotkin


Minority Stress in Older Portuguese Gay and Bisexual Men and Its Impact on Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction
José Alberto Ribeiro Gonçalves, Pedro Alexandre Costa, Isabel Leal


(Dis)abling Blame: the Influence of Disability Status on Attributions of Blame Toward Victims of Sexual Assault
Shelby Hughes, Kaylee Skoda, Alexandria Parsons, Kailie Brown, Cory L. Pedersen


Attitudes and Beliefs of Italian Educators and Teachers Regarding Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents
Roberto Baiocco, Fausta Rosati, Jessica Pistella, Marco Salvati, Nicola Carone, Salvatore Ioverno, Fiorenzo Laghi


Supporting LGBTQ+ Foster Teens: Development of a Relationship-Focused,Self-Guided Curriculum for Foster Families
Amy M. Salazar, Kevin P. Haggerty, Susan E. Barkan, Rachel Peterson, Madeline E. Furlong, Eunsaem Kim, Janice J. Cole, Jessica M. Colito


Quality of Life After Gender Affirmation Surgery: a Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Taciana Silveira Passos, Marina Sá Teixeira, Marcos Antonio Almeida-Santos


A Rainbow Wave? LGBTQ Liberal Political Perspectives During Trump’s Presidency: an Exploration of Sexual, Gender, and Queer Identity Gaps
Meredith G. F. Worthen


Knowledge and Sentiments of Roe v. Wade in the Wake of Justice Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court
Kristen N. Jozkowski, Brandon L. Crawford, Ronna C. Turner, Wen-Juo Lo

Open Access 21-03-2019

Motivational Interviewing as Evidence-Based Practice? An Example from Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions Targeting Adolescents and Young Adults
Julia Bahner, Karin Stenqvist

Open Access 26-04-2019

Preventing Intimate Partner Violence Among Young People—a Qualitative Study Examining the Role of Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Shelly Makleff, Jovita Garduño, Rosa Icela Zavala, Florencia Barindelli, Jimena Valades, Marissa Billowitz, Vanessa Ivon Silva Márquez, Cicely Marston

Open Access 16-05-2019

The Costs of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Care Delivery: Comparing Specialists, Primary Care, and PrEP-RN
Patrick O’Byrne, Lauren Orser, Jean Daniel Jacob


Characterizing Experiences of Conversion Therapy Among Middle-Aged and Older Men Who Have Sex with Men from the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS)
Steven P. Meanley, Ron D. Stall, Omar Dakwar, James E. Egan, Mackey R. Friedman, Sabina A. Haberlen, Chukwuemeka Okafor, Linda A. Teplin, Michael W. Plankey


The MSM (Non)Identity: Toward Understanding Sexual Behavior and Identity in Health Research and Practice with Straight Men Under the Umbrella
Robert J. Zeglin