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Sexuality Research and Social Policy 4/2020
Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Issue 4/2020


Table of Contents (19 Articles)

Open Access 18-12-2019

European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Internet Survey (EMIS-2017): Design and Methods
Peter Weatherburn, Ford Hickson, David S. Reid, Ulrich Marcus, Axel J. Schmidt


Sexual Functioning, Sexual Distress, and Well-being of Sexually Active Adult Women Living with HIV: an HIV Program-Based Cross-sectional Study
Olumide Abiodun, Kolawole Sodeinde, Akinmade Adepoju, Faith Ohiaogu, Fortunate Mbonu, Omolola Adelowo, Olufunke Bankole


Mapping Brazilian and Portuguese Young People’s Positions Towards Highly Paid Sex Work
Etienne Mullet, Maria da Conceição Pinto, Félix Neto


“Can You Hear Me? I’m Right Here”: Voluntary Sector’s Treatment of Rape Victims
Aliraza Javaid

Open Access 10-12-2019

Meaning in Life as a Moderator between Homophobic Stigmatization and Coping Styles in Adult Offspring from Planned Lesbian-Parent Families
Henny Bos, Audrey S. Koh, Gabriël van Beusekom, Esther D. Rothblum, Nanette Gartrell


Sexual Minority People’s Perspectives of Sexual Health Care: Understanding Minority Stress in Sexual Health Settings
McKenna Gessner, Meg D. Bishop, Alexander Martos, Bianca D. M. Wilson, Stephen T. Russell


Intergroup Contact and Opposition to Same-Sex Parents: the Mediation Effect of Satisfaction with Contact
Dolores Frias-Navarro, Marcos Pascual-Soler, Gemma Pons-Salvador, Nuria Navarro Gonzalez, Olaya Molina-Palomero, Jose Berrios-Riquelme

Open Access 13-12-2019

Navigating Tensions About Resident Sexual Expression in Alberta’s Continuing Care Homes: a Qualitative Study of Leaders’ Experiences
Lisa Howard, Julia Brassolotto, Alessandro Manduca-Barone

Open Access 18-12-2019

Responsibilization and Sexual Stigma Under Austerity: Surveying Public Support for Government-Funded PrEP in England
Timothy Hildebrandt, Leticia Bode, Jessica S. C. Ng


“Certain Parts of My Body Don’t Belong to Me”: Trans Individuals’ Descriptions of Body-Specific Gender Dysphoria
Lex Pulice-Farrow, Claire E. Cusack, M. Paz Galupo


Missouri Sex Education Policy: Recommendations for Revision to Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rates
Mackenzie Cook


Harnessing Social Influence Theory to Improve Attitudes Towards Gay Parents
Peta O’Flynn, Fiona A. White


Eligibility for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis According to Different Guidelines in a Cohort of HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex with Men in Lisbon, Portugal
Paula Meireles, Michael Plankey, Miguel Rocha, Jesus Rojas, João Brito, Henrique Barros

Open Access 19-02-2020

Teaching About Sexualized Violence in Educational and Clinical Institutions: Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary University Curriculum
Elisabeth Stück, Martin Wazlawik, Jasmin Stehr, Susanne Sehner, Daniel Schwerdt, Bernd Christmann, Arne Dekker


Gay and Heterosexual Single Father Families Created by Surrogacy: Father–Child Relationships, Parenting Quality, and Children’s Psychological Adjustment
Nicola Carone, Roberto Baiocco, Vittorio Lingiardi, Lavinia Barone


Religion, Hate, Love, and Advocacy for LGBT Human Rights in Saint Lucia
Charmaine C. Williams, Joelleann Rose Forbes, Kenita Placide, Nancy Nicol


The Administration of Desire: Governmentality and Sexual Politics in Mexico’s Demographic Shift of the 1970s
Víctor Hugo Ramírez-García


Opinions of Adolescents on Prevention Related to Sexting: a Q-Methodology Study
Yara Barrense-Dias, Christina Akre, Joan-Carles Suris, André Berchtold


Sexual Anxiety Among Women Living with HIV in the Era of Antiretroviral Treatment Suppressing HIV Transmission
Allison Carter, Sophie Patterson, Mary Kestler, Alexandra de Pokomandy, Catherine Hankins, Becky Gormley, Valerie Nicholson, Melanie Lee, Lu Wang, Saara Greene, Mona Loutfy, Angela Kaida, on behalf of the CHIWOS Research Team