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Open Access 08-02-2023

Intersecting Inequalities in Access to Justice for Trans and Non-binary Sex Workers in Canada

Transgender (trans) and non-binary people are over-represented in various forms of sex work for reasons including widespread employment discrimination and benefits of sex work (e.g., earnings, flexibility, affirmation) (Fitzgerald et al., 2015 ; …

Open Access 06-02-2023

Engaging Stigmatised Communities in Australia with Digital Health Systems: Towards Data Justice in Public Health

In 2018, Australia’s national patient electronic health record system, ‘My Health Record’, attracted considerable public attention following a decision by the federal government to change from an opt-in to opt-out system, with trenchant criticism …


Poverty, Psychological Distress, and Suicidality Among Gay Men and Transgender Women Sex Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Phuket, Thailand

Although Thailand is relatively open to LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), persistent discrimination against Thai LGBT groups at all stages of employment directs them to accept jobs in the informal sector with less job security …

Open Access 24-01-2023

From Prevention to Promotion in Women’s Sexual Self-Perceptions of Efficacy: The Sexual Self-Efficacy Questionnaire

Self-efficacy, people’s beliefs regarding their ability to successfully perform an action to achieve desired consequences (Bandura, 1977 ), is a strong predictor of behaviors, including those leading to health-related outcomes (Leman et al., 2021 …

Open Access 19-01-2023

Association Levels Between Results from a Therapeutic Educational Program on Women Suffering from Genito-pelvic Pain Penetration Disorder and Their Socioeconomic Status

The World Health Organization (WHO) establishes that sexual health is fundamental for the overall well-being of a person. It sets a biopsychosocial model that enables the access to information about sexuality and the availability to receive a …

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