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01-10-2018 | Automotive Acoustics | Special Issue 2/2018

ATZextra worldwide 2/2018

Simulation and Validation of Inverter-related NVH Issues in Electric Vehicle Drives

ATZextra worldwide > Special Issue 2/2018
M. Sc. Mehdi Mehrgou, M. Sc. Inigo Garcia de Madinabeitia, M. Sc. Jorge Garmendia
Growing demand in electrification of vehicles requires new reliable simulation approaches. These methods should be applied in the concept and layout stage to avoid NVH issues that would otherwise be apparent only near the end of a development program. AVL pre-sents the effect of inverter pulse-width modulation on an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Machine with validation. The inverter itself can directly radiate noise from internal excitation, however, this is often not a significant source. The inverter produces noise indirectly by high frequency variations in the electric current, which creates forces in the e-machine that excite the housing. This paper shows the effect and the workflow to predict this noise using simulation. ...

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