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Small Business Economics

Small Business Economics 1/1999

Issue 1/1999

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

01-08-1999 | Issue 1/1999

Globalization of Smaller Firms: Field Notes on Processes

rinivas B. Prasad

01-08-1999 | Issue 1/1999

Singapore Venture Capitalists (VCs) Investment Evaluation Criteria: A Re-Examination

Ravinder K. Zutshi, Wee Liang Tan, Dattatreya G. Allampalli, Patrick G. Gibbons

01-08-1999 | Issue 1/1999

Linking Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

Sander Wennekers, Roy Thurik

01-08-1999 | Issue 1/1999

Determinants of South Asian Entrepreneurial Growth in Britain: A Multivariate Analysis

Anuradha Basu, Arati Goswami

01-08-1999 | Issue 1/1999

The Life History of Cohorts of Exits from German Manufacturing

Joachim Wagner

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