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Small Business Economics 1/2022
Small Business Economics

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (20 Articles)

Open Access 20-01-2022

Bursting the bubble: why sustainability initiatives often lack adequate intention to action translation
Lubna Rashid

Open Access 17-06-2021

The organizational architecture of entrepreneurial universities across the stages of entrepreneurship: a conceptual framework
James A. Cunningham, Erik E. Lehmann, Matthias Menter

Open Access 27-05-2021

Levels of necessity of entrepreneurial ecosystems elements
Pedro Torres, Pedro Godinho

Open Access 21-10-2021

Heterogeneity and state dependence in firms’ access to bank credit
David Aristei, Gabriele Angori


High growth firms and trade linkages: Imports do matter
Marcio Cruz, Leila Baghdadi, Hassen Arouri

Open Access 03-08-2021

Homophily and peer influence in early-stage new venture informal investment
Fei Qin, Tomasz Mickiewicz, Saul Estrin


Small matching grants for women entrepreneurs: lessons from the past recession
Stjepan Srhoj, Bruno Škrinjarić, Sonja Radas, Janette Walde

Open Access 19-06-2021

Mind the gender gap: the impact of university education on the entrepreneurial entry of female and male STEM graduates
Evila Piva, Paola Rovelli


Female self-employment: prevalence and performance effects of having a high-income spouse
Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Magnus Henrekson


Decision-making style in entrepreneurial finance and growth
Laurence Cohen, Peter Wirtz

Open Access 02-08-2021

Narratives in entrepreneurial ecosystems: drivers of effectuation versus causation
Sylvia Hubner, Fabian Most, Jochen Wirtz, Christine Auer


The salience of ethnic identity in entrepreneurship: an ethnic strategies of business action framework
Marlene Orozco


The future of entrepreneurship: the few or the many?
Donald F. Kuratko, David B. Audretsch

Open Access 02-10-2021

New venture dissolution and the comobility of new venture teams
Nazanin Eftekhari, Bram Timmermans

Open Access 12-09-2021

Security token offerings
Thomas Lambert, Daniel Liebau, Peter Roosenboom

Open Access 12-08-2021

Relationship lending and the use of trade credit: the role of relational capital and private information
Pierluigi Murro, Valentina Peruzzi

Open Access 04-09-2021

CEO age, shareholder monitoring, and the organic growth of European firms
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Davide Castellani, Fabio Pieri


Which firms drive employment growth in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Kenya
Stephen Esaku

Open Access 24-07-2021

Historical roots of entrepreneurship in different regional contexts—the case of Poland
Michael Fritsch, Korneliusz Pylak, Michael Wyrwich


Public support of innovative activity in small and large firms in Mexico
Maribel Guerrero, Albert N. Link

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