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Small Business Economics

Small Business Economics 4/2021

Issue 4/2021

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

13-02-2020 | Issue 4/2021

Exploring differences between novice and repeat entrepreneurs: does stress mediate the effects of work-and-family conflict on entrepreneurs’ satisfaction?

Leon Schjoedt

06-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Entrepreneurial ecosystems and social network centrality: the power of regional dealmakers

Thomas G. Pittz, Rebecca White, Ted Zoller

14-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Entrepreneurship, culture, and the epigenetic revolution: a research note

Zoltan Acs, Emma Lappi

04-01-2020 | Issue 4/2021

How endogenous risk preferences and sample selection affect analysis of firm survival

Insoo Cho, Peter F. Orazem

07-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

The moderating role of stock markets in the bank competition-entrepreneurship relationship

Koffi Elitcha

19-12-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Leveraging the macro-level environment to balance work and life: an analysis of female entrepreneurs’ job satisfaction

Dirk De Clercq, Steven A. Brieger, Christian Welzel

01-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Spinoffs and tie formation in cluster knowledge networks

Sándor Juhász

12-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Born global and well educated: start-up survival through fuzzy set analysis

Nicola Del Sarto, Alberto Di Minin, Giulio Ferrigno, Andrea Piccaluga

07-10-2019 | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Skills combinations and firm performance

Josh Siepel, Roberto Camerani, Monica Masucci

22-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Prior ties, investor role, and venture capital syndication

Jing Wu, He Li, Ling Liu, Yun Xu

27-11-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Mafia and bricks: unfair competition in local markets and policy interventions

Livio Ferrante, Stefania Fontana, Francesco Reito

11-09-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Refinancing MFIs with market power: theory and evidence

Lutz G. Arnold, Benedikt Booker, Gregor Dorfleitner, Michaela Röhe

23-10-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Receiving external equity following successfully crowdfunded technological projects: an informational mechanism

Massimo G. Colombo, Kourosh Shafi

11-09-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Succession in family-owned SMEs: the impact of advisors

Alexandra Bertschi-Michel, Philipp Sieger, Nadine Kammerlander

23-10-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Trust or distrust: entrepreneurs vs. self-employed

Illoong Kwon, Kitae Sohn

26-10-2019 | Issue 4/2021

The antecedents of entrepreneurial risk-taking in private family firms: CEO seasons and contingency factors

Alessandro Cirillo, Luca Pennacchio, Maria Rosaria Carillo, Mauro Romano

19-10-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Innovative activity and gender dynamics

Steven Bednar, Dora Gicheva, Albert N. Link

11-11-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Innovation and entrepreneurship in a context of poverty: a multilevel approach

Walid A. Nakara, Karim Messeghem, Andry Ramaroson

06-12-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Do investors in SMEs herd? Evidence from French and UK equity markets

Ramzi Benkraiem, Mondher Bouattour, Emilios Galariotis, Anthony Miloudi

23-11-2019 | Issue 4/2021

On the optimal investment finance of small businesses

Mario Tirelli

02-12-2019 | Issue 4/2021

SME access to market-based finance across Eurozone countries

Paola Bongini, Annalisa Ferrando, Emanuele Rossi, Monica Rossolini

27-01-2020 | Issue 4/2021

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and ICOs: a review and research agenda

Romi Kher, Siri Terjesen, Chen Liu

02-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Firms’ growth, green gazelles and eco-innovation: evidence from a sample of European firms

Alessandra Colombelli, Jackie Krafft, Francesco Quatraro

09-08-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Innovation persistence in times of crisis: an analysis of Italian firms

Davide Antonioli, Sandro Montresor

09-07-2019 | Issue 4/2021

Entrepreneurship and personal income tax: evidence from Canadian provinces

Ergete Ferede

11-03-2021 | Correction | Issue 4/2021

Correction to: The global technology frontier: productivity growth and the relevance of Kirznerian and Schumpeterian entrepreneurship

Esteban Lafuente, Zoltan J. Acs, Mark Sanders, László Szerb

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