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Tech on the ROC: export threshold and technology adoption interacted

This paper aims at identifying the potential mismatch between the conditions required for a firm to become an exporter and the pattern of technology adoption within its industry. In particular, we obtain a new taxonomy of exporting and …


Reexamining the gender gap in microlending funding decisions: the role of borrower culture

Drawing on gender role theory and the extant research on gender and financing, we investigate the extent to which gender of the borrower and the gender egalitarianism practices dimension of the borrower’s societal culture interact to influence the …

20-01-2022 Open Access

Bursting the bubble: why sustainability initiatives often lack adequate intention to action translation

Over the past years, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that most people that I have come across, whether social startup founders in Berlin, peach farmers in Georgia, religion teachers in Jordan, or humanitarian rescue workers on the …


Working with women, do men get all the credit?

Are firms that are managed and owned by females-only appraised differently than those where genders mix at the top? To answer this question, we study 7,467 small and medium-sized firms from 22 countries. We find that—when borrowing from …

18-01-2022 Open Access

Education, social identity and self-employment over time: evidence from a developing country

While the extant literature suggests that an individual’s occupational choice depends on the level of economic development, little is known about how the dynamics of education and social identity impact self-employment choice over time in a …

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