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Women’s entrepreneurship and culture: gender role expectations and identities, societal culture, and the entrepreneurial environment

Women’s entrepreneurship is increasingly important for creating new jobs and contributing to the social and economic growth of their societies, yet the interplay and nuances of women’s entrepreneurship and culture are currently understudied. In …

07-01-2021 Open Access

Strong client orientation, little leverage in nonprofit firms?

Nonprofit firms can be multi-stakeholder organizations, in which employees, clients, volunteers, public institutions, and funders can have formal or informal power to affect corporate strategy. This paper focuses on nonprofit firms’ orientation …


Culture and gender in entrepreneurial teams: the effect on team processes and outcomes

This study examines the role of culture in the interplay between female participation in entrepreneurial teams, team processes, and outcomes using stereotype activation, social categorization, and identity theories. Our analysis of 64 …


The role of distinct ADHD symptoms for pre-entry entrepreneurial behavior: when intentions do not translate into action

Recent academic work and popular press advocate that individuals with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be particularly well equipped to conduct entrepreneurial activities. This study investigates the link between the …


CEOs’ religiosity and corporate green initiatives

The purpose of this study is to determine the ways in which the religiosity of a firm’s CEO affects his/her firm’s green initiatives. Previous research on corporate green initiatives offers limited insights into the micro-foundations of such …

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Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal publishes rigorous research on entrepreneurship, self-employment, family firms, small and medium-sized firms, and new venture creation. The journal has a broad scope, including entrepreneurs' characteristics, occupational choice, new ventures and innovation, firms life courses and performance; as well as the role played by institutions and public policies within local, regional, national and international contexts. Articles published in Small Business Economics typically emphasize the economic and societal relevance of research findings. As a leading entrepreneurship journal, Small Business Economics publishes both theoretical and empirical papers, while encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research from a broad spectrum of disciplines and related fields.

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