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Social Choice and Welfare 1-2/2023
Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 1-2/2023

Special Issue in Honour of John A. Weymark


Table of Contents (16 Articles)

29-11-2022 | Editorial

Special Issue in Honour of John A. Weymark
Craig Brett, Claude d’Aspremont, Maurice Salles

28-08-2020 | Original Paper

Ordinal allocation
Christopher P. Chambers, Michael Richter

14-10-2020 | Original Paper

Tailored recommendations
Eric Danan, Thibault Gajdos, Jean-Marc Tallon

06-01-2021 | Original Paper

Balanced VCG mechanisms for sequencing problems
Youngsub Chun, Manipushpak Mitra, Suresh Mutuswami

18-02-2021 | Original Paper

New perspectives on the Gini and Bonferroni indices of inequality
Satya R. Chakravarty, Palash Sarkar

26-03-2021 | Original Paper

Undominated rules with three alternatives in an almost unrestricted domain
Dolors Berga, Bernardo Moreno, Antonio Nicolò

21-04-2021 | Original Paper

A modification aimed at reducing the manipulability and inefficiency of the Boston school choice mechanism
Benoit Decerf

Open Access 04-06-2021 | Original Paper

Strategy-proof mechanism design with non-quasi-linear preferences: ex-post revenue maximization for an arbitrary number of objects
Ryosuke Sakai, Shigehiro Serizawa

Open Access 30-05-2021 | Original Paper

Roberts’ weak welfarism theorem: a minor correction
Peter J. Hammond

10-07-2021 | Original Paper

Optimal tax problems with multidimensional heterogeneity: a mechanism design approach
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann

28-06-2021 | Original Paper

Taxation behind the veil of ignorance
Biung-Ghi Ju, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero

26-09-2021 | Original Paper

Voting over selfishly optimal income tax schedules with tax-driven migrations
Darong Dai, Guoqiang Tian

15-01-2022 | Original Paper

Bunching in rank-dependent optimal income tax schedules
Laurent Simula, Alain Trannoy

09-05-2022 | Original Paper

Financial aid in college admissions: need-based versus merit-based
Eun Jeong Heo

09-11-2022 | Original Paper

The possibility of generalized social choice functions and Nash’s independence of irrelevant alternatives
Maurice Salles

18-11-2022 | Original Paper

Where should your daughter go to college? An axiomatic analysis
William Thomson

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