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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 4/2021

Content (8 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

A note on weighted multi-glove games

Stefano Moretti, Henk Norde

Original Paper

Almost mutually best in matching markets: rank gaps and size of the core

Flip Klijn, Markus Walzl, Christopher Kah

Original Paper

Lexicographic solutions for coalitional rankings

Encarnación Algaba, Stefano Moretti, Eric Rémila, Philippe Solal

Original Paper

Information disclosure with many alternatives

Salvador Barberà, Antonio Nicolò

Original Paper

Making socioeconomic health inequality comparisons when health concentration curves intersect

Tzu-Ying Chen, Yi-Hsin Elsa Hsu, Rachel J. Huang, Larry Y. Tzeng

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