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Social Indicators Research

An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement

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04-07-2020 | Original Research Open Access

Will South Asia Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? Learning from the MDGs Experience

This paper contributes to the debate on the Sustainable Development Goals progress by evaluating the MDGs achievements in South Asia and the policy and institutional challenges deriving from such experience. Using cross-country regressions and …

03-07-2020 | Original Research

Migrant Worker Well-Being and Its Determinants: The Case of Qatar

Despite significant media attention and criticism, we know very little about the living and working conditions of low-income migrants in the Arab Gulf states, how migrants themselves view these conditions, or what factors most shape migrant worker …

03-07-2020 | Original Research

Life Satisfaction and Happiness Among Older Europeans: The Role of Active Ageing

The older population is growing globally, and more so in some European countries. Aimed at enhancing the quality of life of older people, active ageing has been on the policy agenda in Europe since the beginning of the twenty-first century. Using …

02-07-2020 | Original Research Open Access

The Effect of Fixed-Term Employment on Well-Being: Disentangling the Micro-Mechanisms and the Moderating Role of Social Cohesion

This paper examines the impact of fixed-term employment on well-being from a cross-national comparative perspective by testing (1) the effect heterogeneity across European countries, (2) to which extent Jahoda’s Latent Deprivation Model provides a …

02-07-2020 | Original Research

Constructing Composite Indicators with Collective Choice and Interval-Valued TOPSIS: The Case of Value Measure

This paper is concerned with proposing a new mechanism to re-construct the published composite indicators that are conventionally aggregated in terms of equal weighting scheme, by means of taking all possible preferences among the indicators into …

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Since its foundation in 1974, Social Indicators Research has become the leading journal on problems related to the measurement of all aspects of the quality of life. The journal continues to publish results of research on all aspects of the quality of life and includes studies that reflect developments in the field. It devotes special attention to studies on such topics as sustainability of quality of life, sustainable development, and the relationship between quality of life and sustainability. The topics represented in the journal cover and involve a variety of segmentations, such as social groups, spatial and temporal coordinates, population composition, and life domains. The journal presents empirical, philosophical and methodological studies that cover the entire spectrum of society and are devoted to giving evidences through indicators. It considers indicators in their different typologies, and gives special attention to indicators that are able to meet the need of understanding social realities and phenomena that are increasingly more complex, interrelated, interacted and dynamical. In addition, it presents studies aimed at defining new approaches in constructing indicators.

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