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Society 4/2021

Issue 4/2021


Table of Contents (15 Articles)

02-08-2021 | Featured Interview

Between Populist Anti-intellectualism and Leftist Messianism: An Interview with Bruno Chaouat
Bruno Chaouat

03-09-2021 | Original Article

Border Governance and Its Complications in West Africa: What Can Be Learned from Constructivism?
Victor Chidubem Iwuoha, Casmir Chukwuka Mbaegbu

16-08-2021 | Original Article

Xenophilia in a Multi-cultural Urban Neighborhood of Pretoria, South Africa: An Auto-ethnographic Account
Amanuel Isak Tewolde

21-07-2021 | Original Article

The Virtue and Limits of Gereb as an Aboriginal Conflict Reconciliation Device Among the Wejerat People: the Case of Hintalo-Wejerat Wereda Southeastern Tigray
Kahsu Abrha Belew

21-07-2021 | Original Article

When a Nation Breathes Through Humor: A Sociolinguistic Perspective on Iranian Jokes About America
Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza

20-07-2021 | Original Article

The Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividends Plan: Polanyi’s Market Embeddedness, Fictitious Commodities, and Double Movement
Amber M. Blazek

10-09-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Quentin Skinner: Machiavelli, A Very Short Introduction (revised edition), Oxford University Press, 2019, xvii + 120 pp., ISBN: 978-0198837572
Quentin Skinner: From Humanism to Hobbes: Studies in Rhetoric and Politics Cambridge University Press, 2018, xiii + 432 pp., ISBN: 978-1107128859
Victoria Kahn

31-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Andrew Doyle: Free Speech and Why It Matters
Constable, 2021, 144 pp., ISBN: 978-0349135380
Paul Wragg

06-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Mariana Mazzucato: Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism
Allen Lane/Penguin, 2021, xxiv + 245 pp., ISBN: 978-0241419731
Pat Hudson

19-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jonathan Judaken and Michael Lejman (eds): The Albert Memmi Reader
University of Nebraska Press, 2020 (ISBN: 978-1-4962-0323-6)
Jeffrey A. Bernstein

09-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Ritchie Robertson: The Enlightenment: The Pursuit of Happiness 1680–1790
Allen Lane, 2020, (ISBN: 978-0241004821)
Margaret Jacob

17-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Steve Richards: The Prime Ministers: Reflections on Leadership from Wilson to Johnson; David Runciman: Where Power Stops: The Making and Unmaking of Presidents and Prime Ministers
Atlantic, revised and updated paperback, 2020, 528 pp., ISBN: 978-1786495884; Profile, revised and updated paperback, 2020, 240 pp., ISBN: 978-1788163347
Archie Brown

12-09-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Seamus Deane: Small World, Ireland, 1798 – 2018
Cambridge University Press, 2021, 364 pp., ISBN: 9781108840866
Carlo Gébler

16-08-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Susan Neiman: Learning from the Germans: Confronting Race and the Memory of Evil
Penguin, 2019 (with an Afterword to the 2020 paperback edition), 422 pp., ISBN: 978-0141983424
Brian O’Connor

01-09-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Charles Piot with Kodjo Nicolas Batema: The Fixer: Visa Lottery Chronicles
2019, Duke University Press. 232 pp., ISBN: 978-1478003045
David Stoll