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Society 5/2021

Issue 5/2021


Table of Contents (19 Articles)

26-08-2021 | Original Article

Social Justice and Sociological Theory
Bradley Campbell

17-10-2021 | Original Article

Beyond Rational and Utilitarian Action: Moral and Emotional Giving Within Chinese Folk Religion
Tan Weihua, Li Chun, Stephen Zolvinski, Tian Guang

30-08-2021 | Opinion Piece

Prioritizing Free Speech or the Dignity of Victims: Competing Approaches to Public Discourse in Japan and South Korea
Joseph Yi


Daniel Gordon

Open Access 28-09-2021 | Original Article

Luxury in Germany: Sick Cars and Healthy Bodies
Brigitte Biehl

22-07-2021 | Original Article

Managing Longevity in Luxury Markets: A Perspective from Monaco
Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky

28-09-2021 | Original Article

Rich Kids of Tehran: The Consumption of Consumption on the Internet in Iran
Ehsan Shahghasemi

Open Access 10-09-2021 | Original Article

The Inner Louis Vuitton Circle: Arts-Based Research into Russian Luxury
Svenja Tams, Brigitte Biehl, Nikolay Eliseev

05-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Karl Schlögel: The Scent of Empires: Chanel No. 5 and Red Moscow
Polity Press, 2021. 208 pp., ISBN: 978-1509546596
Jukka Gronow

20-10-2021 | Review Essay

The Perils of Cosmopolitan Intellectualism
Amartya Sen, Home in the World: A Memoir Allen Lane, 2021, 480 pp., ISBN: ‎978-1846144868
Partha Dasgupta

06-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Michael Sandel, The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become of the Common Good?
Allen Lane, 2020, 288 pp., ISBN: 978-0241407592
Tom Sorell

30-09-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

William Davies, This Is Not Normal: The Collapse of Liberal Britain
Verso, 2021, pp. vi + 249, ISBN: 978-1839760907
Patricia Thane


Thomas Piketty, Capital and Ideology
Translated by Arthur Goldhammer, Belknap Press at Harvard University Press, 2020. pp. ix + 1093. ISBN 9780674980,822
Roger E. Backhouse

12-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

H. R. McMaster, Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World
William Collins, 2020. 545 pp. ISBN: 978–0-00–841040-7
Quassim Cassam

14-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jan-Werner Müller, Democracy Rules
London: Allen Lane; New York, Farrar Straus, 256 pp., ISBN: 978-0241382936
John Dunn

09-11-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
Random House, 2021, 448 pp., ISBN: ‎978-0241351635
Neil McLaughlin

01-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Amanda Tyler, Habeas Corpus: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press, 2021, 156 pp., ISBN: 9780190918989
Trevor Allan

08-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

John Barton, A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths
Allen Lane, 2019, 613 pp., ISBN 978-0-241-00391-6
David Brown

12-10-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Norbert Campagna, Oliver Hidalgo, Skadi Siiri Krause (eds.), Tocqueville Handbuch. Leben – Werk –Wirkung (Tocqueville Handbook. Life – Works – Reception)
J. B. Metzler, Berlin 2021, 358 pp., ISBN 978-3-476-05753-2
Andreas Hess