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Issue 5/2021

Content (19 Articles)

Original Article

Social Justice and Sociological Theory

Bradley Campbell

Original Article

Beyond Rational and Utilitarian Action: Moral and Emotional Giving Within Chinese Folk Religion

Tan Weihua, Li Chun, Stephen Zolvinski, Tian Guang


Daniel Gordon

Open Access Original Article

Luxury in Germany: Sick Cars and Healthy Bodies

Brigitte Biehl

Original Article

Managing Longevity in Luxury Markets: A Perspective from Monaco

Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky

Open Access Original Article

The Inner Louis Vuitton Circle: Arts-Based Research into Russian Luxury

Svenja Tams, Brigitte Biehl, Nikolay Eliseev

Review Essay

The Perils of Cosmopolitan Intellectualism

Partha Dasgupta


Jan-Werner Müller, Democracy Rules

John Dunn

Current Publications