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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 1/2005

Issue 1/2005

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Guest Editorial

Yaochu Jin, Sushil J. Louis, Khaled M. Rasheed

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

A comprehensive survey of fitness approximation in evolutionary computation

Y. Jin

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Faster convergence by means of fitness estimation

J. Branke, C. Schmidt

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Structure optimization of neural networks for evolutionary design optimization

M. Hüsken, Y. Jin, B. Sendhoff

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Comparison of methods for developing dynamic reduced models for design optimization

K. Rasheed, X. Ni, S. Vattam

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Genetic learning for combinational logic design

S. J. Louis

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Extraction and reuse of design patterns from genetic algorithms using case-based reasoning

E. I. Pérez, C. A. C. Coello, A. H. Aguirre

01-01-2005 | Issue 1/2005

Linked interpolation-optimization strategies for multicriteria optimization problems

M. Farina, P. Amato

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