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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 18/2019

Issue 18/2019

Special Issue on Evolutionary Computing and Intelligent Sustainable Systems

Table of Contents ( 50 Articles )

29-07-2019 | Editorial | Issue 18/2019

Special issue on evolutionary computing and intelligent sustainable systems

S. Smys, Robert Bestak, Joy Iong-Zong Chen

27-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Computational grid scheduling architecture using MapReduce model-based non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm

D. Rajeswari, M. Prakash, J. Suresh

20-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Performance analysis on feature extraction using dorsal hand vein image

K. S. Vairavel, N. Ikram, S. Mekala

03-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A novel hidden Markov model-based adaptive dynamic time warping (HMDTW) gait analysis for identifying physically challenged persons

Sampath Dakshina Murthy Achanta, T. Karthikeyan, R. Vinothkanna

20-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

An evolutionary multipath energy-efficient routing protocol (EMEER) for network lifetime enhancement in wireless sensor networks

M. Ezhilarasi, V. Krishnaveni

09-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A novel machine learning approach for software reliability growth modelling with pareto distribution function

D. Sudharson, D. Prabha

20-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A novel Neyman–Pearson criterion-based adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (NPC-ANFIS) model for security threats detection in cognitive radio networks

R. Neelaveni, B. Sridevi

06-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Drought prediction based on SPI and SPEI with varying timescales using LSTM recurrent neural network

S. Poornima, M. Pushpalatha

27-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A hybrid Elman recurrent neural network, group search optimization, and refined VMD-based framework for multi-step ahead electricity price forecasting

R. Hannah Jessie Rani, T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire

27-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A heuristic method for initial dominant point detection for polygonal approximations

S. Kalaivani, Bimal Kumar Ray

27-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Optimized deep learning neural network model for doubly fed induction generator in wind energy conversion systems

N. Rajasingam, D. Rasi, S. N. Deepa

05-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Classification of rubberized coir fibres using deep learning-based neural fuzzy decision tree approach

S. Remya, R. Sasikala

02-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Extraction of road using soft computing techniques

Mishmala Sushith, S. Sophia

02-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Group hash function-based enhancing network security for network service providence

R. Bharanidharan, R. Santhosh

05-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

An Improvised video coding algorithm for deep learning-based video transmission using HEVC

A. Srinivasan, G. Rohini

30-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A novel linear SVM-based compressive collaborative spectrum sensing (CCSS) scheme for IoT cognitive 5G network

Sivasankari Jothiraj, Sridevi Balu

14-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Mobile cluster head selection using soft computing technique in wireless sensor network

G. Prabaharan, S. Jayashri

26-07-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A Novel Data Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Multi-data Users by using genetic algorithm

P. Pandiaraja, N. Deepa

23-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Prediction of availability and integrity of cloud data using soft computing technique

R. Pitchai, S. Babu, P. Supraja, S. Anjanayya

29-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Analysis of antlion optimizer-based ABT for automatic generation control of an interconnected power system

G. Soorya Priya, Ponnurangam Sivakumar

12-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Defending against false data attacks in 3D grid-based MANET using soft computing approaches

B. Muneeswari, M. S. K. Manikandan

08-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A taxonomy on impact of label noise and feature noise using machine learning techniques

A. Shanthini, G. Vinodhini, R. M. Chandrasekaran, P. Supraja

10-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

An approach to enhance packet classification performance of software-defined network using deep learning

B. Indira, K. Valarmathi, D. Devaraj

26-04-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Gramian matrix data collection-based random forest classification for predictive analytics with big data

S. Arun Kumar, M. Venkatesulu

27-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

Super-imposed cluster embedding for ring routing path identification in WSN

P. Sudarsanam, G. Singaravel

04-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

An improving data delivery method using EEDD algorithm for energy conservation in green cloud network

M. Karuppasamy, S. P. Balakannan

18-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A novel MFCC-NN learning model for voice communication through Li-Fi for motion control of a robotic vehicle

V. Parthasaradi, P. Kailasapathi

28-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 18/2019

A weighted graph-oriented ontology matching algorithm for enhancing ontology mapping and alignment in Semantic Web

V. Rajeswari, M. Kavitha, Dharmistan K. Varughese

28-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Artificial bee colony algorithms for the order scheduling with release dates

Win-Chin Lin, Jianyou Xu, Danyu Bai, I-Hong Chung, Shang-Chia Liu, Chin-Chia Wu

26-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Artificial bee colony clustering with self-adaptive crossover and stepwise search for brain functional parcellation in fMRI data

Xuewu Zhao, Junzhong Ji, Aidong Zhang

22-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Deep sparse representation-based mid-level visual elements discovery in fine-grained classification

Le Lv, Dongbin Zhao, Kun Shao

23-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Best neighbor-guided artificial bee colony algorithm for continuous optimization problems

Hu Peng, Changshou Deng, Zhijian Wu

25-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Strict intuitionistic fuzzy entropy and application in network vulnerability evaluation

Xiaoshi Fan, Chenghai Li, Yanan Wang

15-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Applying computational intelligence techniques to improve the decision making of business game players

Sidnei A. de Araújo, Daniel F. de Barros Jr., Ernani M. da Silva, Marcos V. Cardoso

19-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Intuitionistic fuzzy reasoning using the method of optimizing the similarity of truth tables

Mahin Esmaeili, Esfandiar Eslami

01-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

A methodology for evaluating multi-objective evolutionary feature selection for classification in the context of virtual screening

Fernando Jiménez, Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, José Palma, Gracia Sánchez, Carlos Martínez

18-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

An integrated approach for failure mode and effect analysis based on uncertain linguistic GRA–TOPSIS method

Yu-Ping Hu, Xiao-Yue You, Liang Wang, Hu-Chen Liu

23-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Patent data analysis using functional count data model

Jong-Min Kim, Nak-Kyeong Kim, Yoonsung Jung, Sunghae Jun

03-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

A new adaptive neuro-fuzzy solution for optimization of the parameters in the digital holography setup

Gulhan Ustabas Kaya, Okan Erkaymaz, Zehra Sarac

31-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

A particle swarm optimization, fuzzy PID controller with generator automatic voltage regulator

Abdullah J. H. Al Gizi

29-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

An improved global-best-driven flower pollination algorithm for optimal design of two-dimensional FIR filter

Supriya Dhabal, Palaniandavar Venkateswaran

30-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Dual hesitant fuzzy matrix games: based on new similarity measure

Jishu Jana, Sankar Kumar Roy

28-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Fractional-order PID control of a MIMO distillation column process using improved bat algorithm

Vahab Haji Haji, Concepción A. Monje

31-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Secure and efficient parallel hash function construction and its application on cloud audit

Yijun Yang, Fei Chen, Zhiwei Sun, Shulan Wang, Jianqiang Li, Jianyong Chen, Zhong Ming

06-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Multigranulation vague rough set over two universes and its application to group decision making

Bingzhen Sun, Weimin Ma, Xiangtang Chen, Xiong Zhang

29-08-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

An improved differential evolution with cluster decomposition algorithm for automatic clustering

R. J. Kuo, Ferani E. Zulvia

07-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Development of intuitionistic fuzzy data envelopment analysis models and intuitionistic fuzzy input–output targets

Alka Arya, Shiv Prasad Yadav

06-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

Exponential Jensen intuitionistic fuzzy divergence measure with applications in medical investigation and pattern recognition

Rajesh Joshi, Satish Kumar

05-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

A novel multi-objective particle swarm optimization for comprehensible credit scoring

Yan Guo, Jing He, Libo Xu, Wei Liu

29-09-2018 | Methodologies and Application | Issue 18/2019

The solution for fuzzy large-scale group decision making problems combining internal preference information and external social network structures

Tong Wu, Xinwang Liu, Fang Liu

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