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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 8/2020

Issue 8/2020

Special Issue on Soft Computing Techniques for Big Data and Cloud Computing

Table of Contents ( 52 Articles )

06-03-2020 | Editorial | Issue 8/2020

Soft computing techniques for big data and cloud computing

B. B. Gupta, Dharma P. Agrawal, Shingo Yamaguchi, Michael Sheng

17-12-2018 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Improving traffic flow forecasting with relevance vector machine and a randomized controlled statistical testing

Jungang Lou, Zhangguo Shen, Qing Shen, Wenjun Hu, Zhijun Chen

26-12-2018 | Focus | Issue 8/2020 Open Access

Study on a storage location strategy based on clustering and association algorithms

Li Zhou, Lili Sun, Zhaochan Li, Weipeng Li, Ning Cao, Russell Higgs

18-01-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Scalable detection of botnets based on DGA

Efficient feature discovery process in machine learning techniques
Mattia Zago, Manuel Gil Pérez, Gregorio Martínez Pérez

26-09-2018 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

An efficient index structure for distributed k-nearest neighbours query processing

Min Yang, Kun Ma, Xiaohui Yu

12-10-2018 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Information retrieval methodology for aiding scientific database search

Samuel Marcos-Pablos, Francisco J. García-Peñalvo

29-10-2018 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Identity-based data storage scheme with anonymous key generation in fog computing

Jianhong Zhang, Wenle Bai, Xianmin Wang

11-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

WOA + BRNN: An imbalanced big data classification framework using Whale optimization and deep neural network

Eslam. M. Hassib, Ali. I. El-Desouky, Labib. M. Labib, El-Sayed M. El-kenawy

29-03-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Automatic keyphrase extraction using word embeddings

Yuxiang Zhang, Huan Liu, Suge Wang, W. H. Ip., Wei Fan, Chunjing Xiao

08-05-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

A privacy-preserving multi-keyword search approach in cloud computing

Ahmed M. Manasrah, Mahmoud Abu Nasir, Maher Salem

15-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

A novel metaheuristic inspired by Hitchcock birds’ behavior for efficient optimization of large search spaces of high dimensionality

Reinaldo G. Morais, Nadia Nedjah, Luiza M. Mourelle

20-06-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

On one-time cookies protocol based on one-time password

Junhui He, Dezhi Han, Kuan-Ching Li

12-07-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Secure and efficient big data deduplication in fog computing

Jiajun Yan, Xiaoming Wang, Qingqing Gan, Suyu Li, Daxin Huang

15-07-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020 Open Access

Core-reviewer recommendation based on Pull Request topic model and collaborator social network

Zhifang Liao, ZeXuan Wu, Yanbing Li, Yan Zhang, Xiaoping Fan, Jinsong Wu

22-07-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

IoT transaction processing through cooperative concurrency control on fog–cloud computing environment

Ahmad Al-Qerem, Mohammad Alauthman, Ammar Almomani, B. B. Gupta

19-08-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

An empirical study on effects of electronic word-of-mouth and Internet risk avoidance on purchase intention: from the perspective of big data

Yu-Hsi Yuan, Sheng-Hao Tsao, Jiin-Tian Chyou, Sang-Bing Tsai

03-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Using the DEMATEL model to expose core causal items of LibQUAL for improving library service quality: from the perspective of big data

Chia-Huei Wu, Yu-Hsi Yuan, Sang-Bing Tsai

30-08-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Application of Kalman filter to Model-based Prognostics for Solenoid Valve

Xilang Tang, Mingqing Xiao, Bin Hu

07-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

A watermarking scheme based on rotating vector for image content authentication

Jianjing Fu, Jiafa Mao, Dawen Xue, Deren Chen

30-08-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

A dynamic trust model in internet of things

Eric Ke Wang, Chien-Ming Chen, Dongning Zhao, Wai Hung Ip, Kai Leung Yung

17-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Development and assessment of a haptic-enabled holographic surgical simulator for renal biopsy training

Zhaoxiang Guo, Yonghang Tai, Zhibao Qin, Xiaoqiao Huang, Qiong Li, Jun Peng, Junsheng Shi

16-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Research on key issues of gesture recognition for artificial intelligence

Taiping Mo, Peng Sun

20-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

RobNet: real-time road-object 3D point cloud segmentation based on SqueezeNet and cyclic CRF

Wei Sun, Zhenhao Zhang, Jie Huang

23-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

MABAC method for multiple attribute group decision making under picture 2-tuple linguistic environment

Siqi Zhang, Guiwu Wei, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat, Cun Wei, Zuopeng Zhang

24-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

An attention mechanism and multi-granularity-based Bi-LSTM model for Chinese Q&A system

Xiao-mei Yu, Wen-zhi Feng, Hong Wang, Qian Chu, Qi Chen

30-09-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Research on North Gulf distributed big data submarine 3D terrain computing system based on remote sensing and multi-beam

Yuan Dong, BaoQing Hu, ShiLun Zhang, YuanLin Huang, GuoCai Nong, Han Xin

29-10-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Weighted-fusion feature of MB-LBPUH and HOG for facial expression recognition

Yan Wang, Ming Li, Congxuan Zhang, Hao Chen, Yuming Lu

09-10-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Adaptive wavelet transform model for time series data prediction

Xin Liu, Hui Liu, Qiang Guo, Caiming Zhang

04-10-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Cloud-assisted secure biometric identification with sub-linear search efficiency

Youwen Zhu, Xingxin Li, Jian Wang, Jing Li

09-10-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Small-scale moving target detection in aerial image by deep inverse reinforcement learning

Wei Sun, Dashuai Yan, Jie Huang, Changhao Sun

01-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Indoor Li-DAR 3D mapping algorithm with semantic-based registration and optimization

Wei Sun, Lixin Liu, Xiaofeng Ji, Changhao Sun

01-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Scalable influence maximization based on influential seed successors

Sun Chengai, Niu Weinan, Qiu Liqing, Lv Liangyu

20-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Random orthocenter strategy in interior search algorithm and its engineering application

Bo Han, Changqiang Huang, Shangqin Tang, Yongbo Xuan, Zhuoran Zhang, Zhou Huan

09-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Nickel foam surface defect detection based on spatial-frequency multi-scale MB-LBP

Bin-fang Cao, Jian-qi Li, Nao-sheng Qiao

04-12-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Tactical maneuver trajectory optimization for unmanned combat aerial vehicle using improved differential evolution

Hanqiao Huang, Kangsheng Dong, Tian Yan, Bo Han

26-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Weakly supervised facial expression recognition via transferred DAL-CNN and active incremental learning

Ying Xu, Jian Liu, Yikui Zhai, Junying Gan, Junying Zeng, He Cao, Fabio Scotti, Vincenzo Piuri, Ruggero Donida Labati

27-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

An efficient virtual CPU scheduling in cloud computing

Joonhyouk Jang, Jinman Jung, Jiman Hong

29-11-2019 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Leveraging cloud computing for the semantic web: review and trends

Oluwasegun Adedugbe, Elhadj Benkhelifa, Russell Campion, Feras Al-Obeidat, Anoud Bani Hani, Uchitha Jayawickrama

05-03-2020 | Correction | Issue 8/2020

Correction to: Leveraging cloud computing for the semantic web: review and trends

Oluwasegun Adedugbe, Elhadj Benkhelifa, Russell Campion, Feras Al-Obeidat, Anoud Bani Hani, Uchitha Jayawickrama

03-01-2020 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

DroidDeep: using Deep Belief Network to characterize and detect android malware

Xin Su, Weiqi Shi, Xilong Qu, Yi Zheng, Xuchong Liu

18-02-2020 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

Optimal control of DAB converter backflow power based on phase-shifting strategy

Jinhui Zeng, Yuan He, Zheng Lan, Zongao Yi, Jing Liu

13-03-2020 | Focus | Issue 8/2020

An improved MPPT control strategy based on incremental conductance method

Li Shengqing, Li Fujun, Zheng Jian, Chen Wen, Zhang Donghui

21-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

Wajsberg algebras arising from binary block codes

Cristina Flaut, Radu Vasile

21-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

The zero-divisor graphs of MV-algebras

Aiping Gan, Yichuan Yang

07-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

Fuzzy Bezier splines with application to fuzzy functional integral equations

Alexandru Mihai Bica, Constantin Popescu

08-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

A rough set model based on fuzzifying neighborhood systems

Lingqiang Li, Qiu Jin, Bingxue Yao, Jiachao Wu

27-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

Fast clustering-based weighted twin support vector regression

Binjie Gu, Jianwen Fang, Feng Pan, Zhonghu Bai

10-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

Generic extended multigranular sets for mixed and incomplete information systems

Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez, José Luis Velázquez-Rodríguez

10-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

An enhanced heuristic ant colony optimization for mobile robot path planning

Wenxiang Gao, Qing Tang, Beifa Ye, Yaru Yang, Jin Yao

18-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

A simple two-phase differential evolution for improved global numerical optimization

Arka Ghosh, Swagatam Das, Asit Kr. Das

15-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

Boolean lifting property in quantales

Daniela Cheptea, George Georgescu

20-02-2020 | Foundations | Issue 8/2020

On the number of fuzzy subgroups of dicyclic groups

L. Kamali Ardekani, B. Davvaz

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