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Soft Computing

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23-09-2022 | Application of soft computing

Robust flight control system design of a fixed wing UAV using optimal dynamic programming

Innovative design intricacies of new generation of UAVs, necessitate formulation of control laws utilizing intelligent techniques which are independent of underlying dynamic model besides being robust to changing environment. In current research …

22-09-2022 | Optimization

Integrated multistage supply chain inventory model of multiple retailers with imperfect production and inspection systems

An integrated multistage supply chain inventory model containing a single manufacturer and multiple retailers is proposed to consider deteriorating raw materials and finished products with imperfect production and inspection systems. The main …

Open Access 22-09-2022 | Data analytics and machine learning

Machine learning techniques for prediction of multiple sclerosis progression

Patients afflicted by multiple sclerosis experience a relapsing-remitting course in about 85% of the cases. Furthermore, after a 10/15-year period their situation tends to worse, resulting in what is considered the second phase of multiple …

22-09-2022 | Foundations

Entropy measurement for a hybrid information system with images: an application in attribute reduction

In the real world, there may exist manifold data (e.g., Boolean, categorical, real-valued, set-valued, interval-valued, image, decision and missing data or attributes) in an information system which is referred to as a hybrid information system …

21-09-2022 | Soft computing in decision making and in modeling in economics

A reliable probabilistic risk-based decision-making method: Bayesian Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (B-TOPSIS)

The Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) is a widely accepted and applied tool among all multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods. Conventionally, TOPSIS finds the relative closeness weight to the ideal …

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Soft Computing is dedicated to system solutions based on soft computing techniques. It provides rapid dissemination of important results in soft computing technologies, a fusion of research in evolutionary algorithms and genetic programming, neural science and neural net systems, fuzzy set theory and fuzzy systems, and chaos theory and chaotic systems.

Soft Computing encourages the integration of soft computing techniques and tools into both everyday and advanced applications. By linking the ideas and techniques of soft computing with other disciplines, the journal serves as a unifying platform that fosters comparisons, extensions, and new applications. As a result, the journal is an international forum for all scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in this fast growing field.

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