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18-07-2019 | Expert Voice Open Access

Contents for a Model-Based Software Engineering Body of Knowledge

Although Model-Based Software Engineering (MBE) is a widely accepted Software Engineering (SE) discipline, no agreed-upon core set of concepts and practices (i.e., a Body of Knowledge) has been defined for it yet. With the goals of characterizing …

18-07-2019 | Special Section Paper

Understanding MDE projects: megamodels to the rescue for architecture recovery

Conventional wisdom on Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) suggests that this software discipline is the key to achieve superior automation, whether it be refactoring, simulation, or code generation. However, the diversity of employed languages and …

13-07-2019 | Special Section Paper

Enhancing secure business process design with security process patterns

Business process definition and analysis are an important activity for any organisation. As research has demonstrated, well-defined business processes can reduce cost, improve productivity and provide organisations with competitive advantages. In …

10-07-2019 | Special Section Paper

From analytical purposes to data visualizations: a decision process guided by a conceptual framework and eye tracking

Data visualizations are versatile tools for gaining cognitive access to large amounts of data and for making complex relationships in data understandable. This paper proposes a method for assessing data visualizations according to the purposes …

04-07-2019 | Special Section Paper

Incorporating measurement uncertainty into OCL/UML primitive datatypes

The correct representation of the relevant properties of a system is an essential requirement for the effective use and wide adoption of model-based practices in industry. Uncertainty is one of the inherent properties of any measurement or …

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Software and System Modeling (SoSyM) is a quarterly international journal that focuses on theoretical and practical issues in the development and application of software and system modeling languages, techniques, and methods, such as the Unified Modeling Language. The aim of SoSyM is to publish high-quality works that further understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of modeling languages and techniques, present rigorous analyses of modeling experiences, and present scalable modeling techniques and processes that facilitate rigorous and economical development of software.

SoSyM is unique in its emphasis on theoretical foundations of modeling languages and techniques and on rigorous analysis of "real-world" modeling experiences. The balance of theoretical and experience-based works provides insights that can lead to better modeling languages and techniques. In addition, modeling practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of languages and techniques that can lead to more effective applications.

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