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Searching without boundaries - in German and English with AI (Link opens in a new window)

Apply our intelligent AI-assisted and context-oriented search to explore our platform bilingually.

Intelligent, bilingual, precise!

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AI-assisted search: the next generation
of the information research on Springer Professional

In cooperation with INTERGATOR, we offer you a benchmark solution for AI-assisted, semantic information search across Springer Professional content.


Our intelligent search uses new state-of-the-art AI technology to understand your content needs and deliver you the most relevant search results.


Your search query will be automatically translated and thus applied specifically to our professional content in German and English. With just one click on the “German-language content” tab you can access the most relevant search results in German language.


Our AI-assisted search filters out the irrelevant information and delivers the results that exactly match your selected content. Thanks to semantic analysis and contextual understanding, you can find the right information at lightning speed and with pinpoint accuracy.

Move beyond conventional searches that are limited by individual search terms.
Apply AI-assisted search that delivers you the most relevant results intelligently, bilingually and precisely.

Use our AI-assisted search in 2 ways:

Have you already found content that matches your search demand?

Then simply mark the appropriate sections in the text to search the entire bilingual database for related content.

Do you have keywords, your own text, or text snippets?

Then apply our AI-assisted free text search to search our entire database according to your individual queries.

AI understands the context of your search, derives the appropriate topics and subject areas, and delivers the most relevant results tailored to your needs.

Intelligent translation of your search query allows you to get the best results from our professional content in German and English.

Variant 1: AI-assisted search across Springer Professional content

1. Activate the AI-assisted search

Activate the AI-assisted search in the header of the content of your choice on the Springer Professional site.

2. Mark relevant text snippets

Mark text sections of the content to find additional, semantically relevant professional content with the help of AI.

3. Benefit from bilingual search results

Choose your semantically relevant search results in German or English language.

With just one click on the “Content in German” tab you will get an access to the most relevant search results in German language.

Variant 2: AI-assisted search according to your own specifications

1. Open extended search

Open Extended Search in the main page navigation.

2. Type in your own text

Type in your own text to get AI-assisted results for your matches.

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