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Springer Aerospace Technology

Springer Aerospace Technology
36 Volumes | 2009 - 2021


The series explores the technology and the science related to the aircraft and spacecraft including concept, design, assembly, control and maintenance. The topics cover aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines and propulsion units. The volumes of the series present the fundamentals, the applications and the advances in all the fields related to aerospace engineering, including:

· structural analysis,

· aerodynamics,

· aeroelasticity,

· aeroacoustics,

· flight mechanics and dynamics

· orbital maneuvers,

· avionics,

· systems design,

· materials technology,

· launch technology,

· payload and satellite technology,

· space industry, medicine and biology.

The series’ scope includes monographs, professional books, advanced textbooks, as well as selected contributions from specialized conferences and workshops.

The volumes of the series are single-blind peer-reviewed.

To submit a proposal or request further information, please contact:
Mr. Pierpaolo Riva at (Europe and Americas)
Mr. Mengchu Huang at (China)

The series is indexed in Scopus and Compendex

All books of the series Springer Aerospace Technology

2021 | Book

Fundamental Concepts of Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines

This book is intended for students and engineers who design and develop liquid-propellant rocket engines, offering them a guide to the theory and practice alike. It first presents the fundamental concepts (the generation of thrust, the gas flow …

2021 | Book

Prediction and Validation Technologies of Aerodynamic Force and Heat for Hypersonic Vehicle Design

This book provides an overview of advanced prediction and verification technologies for aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics and assesses a number of critical issues in advanced hypersonic vehicle design. Focusing on state-of-the-art theories and …

2021 | Book

Information Support and Aircraft Flight Management

This book presents materials on the implementation of modern technologies for aircraft information support and ground-based radio equipment for flights in the Russian Federation, especially in the Arctic and far Eastern regions, as well as new …

2021 | Book

Signal Polarization Selection for Aircraft Radar Control

Models and Methods

This book highlights the synthesis of polarization selection system in the background of passive noise formed by reflections from space-distributed targets. This synthesis is fulfilled as close as possible to its ideal configuration in terms of …

2021 | Book

Probabilistic-Statistical Methods for Risk Assessment in Civil Aviation

This book analyses the models for major risks related to flight safety in the aviation sector and presents risk estimation methods through examples of several known aviation enterprises. The book provides a comprehensive content for professionals …

2021 | Book

Conditional Function Control of Aircraft

This book highlights the prevention of possible accidents and crashes of aircrafts by analyzing the many factors that affect such events. It includes the theoretical study of known ideas and concepts, as well as a set of new methods and …

2021 | Book

Noise Resistance Enhancement in Aircraft Navigation and Connected Systems

This book presents methods and algorithms to improve noise immunity of the navigation systems of civil aviation aircraft, operating on the basis of satellite radio navigation systems, as well as improving the quality of the transmission of …

2021 | Book

Risk Management Methods in the Aviation Enterprise

This book provides a comprehensive content for professionals engaged in the development of flight safety regulatory framework, as well as in the design and operation of ground-based or on-board flight support radio electronic systems. It presents …

2021 | Book

Near-Field Antenna Measurements

Calculations and Facility Design

This book is useful both for those who want to get initial information on the measurement of the antenna parameters, and for specialists directly involved in the experimental determination of the antenna parameters from the results of measuring …

2021 | Book

Modern Requirements for Noise Immunity Aircraft Navigation Equipment

This book presents a technical solution to ensuring the noise immunity of navigation systems in civil aviation aircrafts at the stages of their terminal procedures. It highlights instrumental precision approaches to landing and landing in …

2020 | Book

Development of Navigation Technology for Flight Safety

This book highlights practical solutions for flight safety improvement techniques, which are currently the focus of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It has become clear that, in order to rapidly and significantly improve …

2020 | Book

Air Traffic Control Automated Systems

This book highlights operation principles for Air Traffic Control Automated Systems (ATCAS), new scientific directions in design and application of dispatching training simulators and parameters of ATCAS radio equipment items for aircraft …

2020 | Book

Introduction to the Theory of Radiopolarimetric Navigation Systems

The book highlights three types of technologies being developed for autonomous solution of navigation problems. These technologies are based on the polarization structure, ultra-broadband and the fluctuation characteristics (slow and fast) of the …

2020 | Book

Signal Processing of Airborne Radar Stations

Plane Flight Control in Difficult Meteoconditions

This book highlights new methods and parametric algorithms for the digital coherent processing of signals in airborne radar systems located on air vehicles. Using the autoregressive (AR) model, it delivers more accurate danger assessments for …

2020 | Book

Probabilistic-Statistical Approaches to the Prediction of Aircraft Navigation Systems Condition

This book highlights the development of new methods for assessing and forecasting the state of various complex ageing systems in service; analyzing the influence of destabilizing factors on the accuracy of aircraft flight navigation support; and …

2020 | Book

Chemical Rockets

Performance Prediction and Internal Ballistics Design

The purpose of this book is to discuss, at the graduate level, the methods of performance prediction for chemical rocket propulsion. A pedagogical presentation of such methods has been unavailable thus far and this text, based upon lectures, fills …

2020 | Book

Optimal Guidance and Its Applications in Missiles and UAVs

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the domain of optimal guidance, exploring the characteristics of various optimal guidance algorithms and their pros and cons. Optimal guidance is based on the concept of …

2019 | Book

Radio Navigation Systems for Airports and Airways

This book highlights the design principles of ground based radio-navigation systems used in solving navigation tasks in the airfield and on air routes. Mathematical correlations are illustrated that describe its operation, peculiarities of …

2019 | Book

Principles of Radio Navigation for Ground and Ship-Based Aircrafts

This book systematically presents the operating principles and technical characteristics of the main radio navigating systems (RNSs) that make it possible to adequately evaluate the corresponding scratch indexes and levels of air safety for air …

2019 | Book

Aviation System Risks and Safety

This book provides a solution to “rare event” problems without using the classical theory of reliability and theory of probability. This solution is based on the methodology of risk assessment as “measure of danger” (in keeping with the ICS RAS) …