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Springer Aerospace Technology

Springer Aerospace Technology
26 Volumes | 2009 - 2020


The Springer Aerospace Technology series is devoted to the technology of aircraft and spacecraft including design, construction, control and the science. The books present the fundamentals and applications in all fields related to aerospace engineering. The topics include aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units and related subjects.

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2020 | Book

Development of Navigation Technology for Flight Safety

This book highlights practical solutions for flight safety improvement techniques, which are currently the focus of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It has become clear that, in order to rapidly and significantly improve …

2020 | Book

Air Traffic Control Automated Systems

This book highlights operation principles for Air Traffic Control Automated Systems (ATCAS), new scientific directions in design and application of dispatching training simulators and parameters of ATCAS radio equipment items for aircraft …

2020 | Book

Introduction to the Theory of Radiopolarimetric Navigation Systems

The book highlights three types of technologies being developed for autonomous solution of navigation problems. These technologies are based on the polarization structure, ultra-broadband and the fluctuation characteristics (slow and fast) of the …

2020 | Book

Signal Processing of Airborne Radar Stations

Plane Flight Control in Difficult Meteoconditions

This book highlights new methods and parametric algorithms for the digital coherent processing of signals in airborne radar systems located on air vehicles. Using the autoregressive (AR) model, it delivers more accurate danger assessments for …

2020 | Book

Probabilistic-Statistical Approaches to the Prediction of Aircraft Navigation Systems Condition

This book highlights the development of new methods for assessing and forecasting the state of various complex ageing systems in service; analyzing the influence of destabilizing factors on the accuracy of aircraft flight navigation support; and …

2020 | Book

Chemical Rockets

Performance Prediction and Internal Ballistics Design

The purpose of this book is to discuss, at the graduate level, the methods of performance prediction for chemical rocket propulsion. A pedagogical presentation of such methods has been unavailable thus far and this text, based upon lectures, fills …

2020 | Book

Optimal Guidance and Its Applications in Missiles and UAVs

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the domain of optimal guidance, exploring the characteristics of various optimal guidance algorithms and their pros and cons. Optimal guidance is based on the concept of …

2019 | Book

Radio Navigation Systems for Airports and Airways

This book highlights the design principles of ground based radio-navigation systems used in solving navigation tasks in the airfield and on air routes. Mathematical correlations are illustrated that describe its operation, peculiarities of …

2019 | Book

Principles of Radio Navigation for Ground and Ship-Based Aircrafts

This book systematically presents the operating principles and technical characteristics of the main radio navigating systems (RNSs) that make it possible to adequately evaluate the corresponding scratch indexes and levels of air safety for air …

2019 | Book

Aviation System Risks and Safety

This book provides a solution to “rare event” problems without using the classical theory of reliability and theory of probability. This solution is based on the methodology of risk assessment as “measure of danger” (in keeping with the ICS RAS) …

2019 | Book

Stability and Control of Conventional and Unconventional Aerospace Vehicle Configurations

A Generic Approach from Subsonic to Hypersonic Speeds

This book introduces a stability and control methodology named AeroMech, capable of sizing the primary control effectors of fixed wing subsonic to hypersonic designs of conventional and unconventional configuration layout. Control power demands …

2018 | Book

Practical Astrodynamics

This modern textbook guides the reader through the theory and practice of the motion and attitude control of space vehicles. It first presents the fundamental principles of spaceflight mechanics and then addresses more complex concepts and …

2018 | Book

Flight Systems and Control

A Practical Approach

This book focuses on flight vehicles and their navigational systems, discussing different forms of flight structures and their control systems, from fixed wings to rotary crafts. Software simulation enables testing of the hardware without actual …

2017 | Book

Chemical Rocket Propulsion

A Comprehensive Survey of Energetic Materials

Developed and expanded from the work presented at the New Energetic Materials and Propulsion Techniques for Space Exploration workshop in June 2014, this book contains new scientific results, up-to-date reviews, and inspiring perspectives in a …

2017 | Book

Key Factors of Combustion

From Kinetics to Gas Dynamics

This book summarizes the main advances in the mechanisms of combustion processes. It focuses on the analysis of kinetic mechanisms of gas combustion processes and experimental investigation into the interrelation of kinetics and gas dynamics in …

2017 | Book

Conceptual Shape Optimization of Entry Vehicles

Applied to Capsules and Winged Fuselage Vehicles

This book covers the parameterization of entry capsules, including Apollo capsules and planetary probes, and winged entry vehicles such as the Space Shuttle and lifting bodies. The aerodynamic modelling is based on a variety of panel methods that …

2016 | Book

The FLP Microsatellite Platform

Flight Operations Manual

This book represents the Flight Operations Manual for a reusable microsatellite platform – the “Future Low-cost Platform” (FLP), developed at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. It provides a basic insight on the onboard software functions, the

2016 | Book

Flexible Spacecraft Dynamics, Control and Guidance

Technologies by Giovanni Campolo

This book is an up-to-date compendium on spacecraft attitude and orbit control (AOC) that offers a systematic and complete treatment of the subject with the aim of imparting the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required by designers, engin

2015 | Book

Damage Growth in Aerospace Composites

This book presents novel methods for the simulation of damage evolution in aerospace composites that will assist in predicting damage onset and growth and thus foster less conservative designs which realize the promised economic benefits of composite

2015 | Book

Spacecraft TT&C and Information Transmission Theory and Technologies

Spacecraft TT&C and Information Transmission Theory and Technologies introduces the basic theory of spacecraft TT&C (telemetry, track and command) and information transmission. Combining TT&C and information transmission, the bo