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Springer Handbooks

Springer Handbooks
13 Volumes | 2017 - 2020


Springer Handbooks maintain the highest standards of references in key areas of the physical and applied sciences for practitioners in industry and academia, as well as graduate students.

Designed to be useful and readable desk reference books, but also prepared in various electronic formats, these titles allow fast yet comprehensive review and easy retrieval of essential reliable key information. Springer Handbooks cover methods, general principles, functional relationships and fundamental data and review established applications.

All Springer Handbooks are edited and prepared with great care by editors committed to harmonizing the content. All chapters are written by international experts in their field.

Indexed by SCOPUS. The books of the series are submitted for indexing to Web of Science.

All books of the series Springer Handbooks

2020 | Book

Springer Handbook of Optical Networks

This handbook is an authoritative, comprehensive reference on optical networks, the backbone of today’s communication and information society. The book reviews the many underlying technologies that enable the global optical communications …

2019 | Book

Springer Handbook of Science and Technology Indicators

This handbook presents the state of the art of quantitative methods and models to understand and assess the science and technology system. Focusing on various aspects of the development and application of indicators derived from data on scholarly …

2019 | Book

Springer Handbook of Microscopy

This book features reviews by leading experts on the methods and applications of modern forms of microscopy. The recent awards of Nobel Prizes awarded for super-resolution optical microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy have demonstrated the rich …

2019 | Book

Springer Handbook of Glass

This handbook provides comprehensive treatment of the current state of glass science from the leading experts in the field. Opening with an enlightening contribution on the history of glass, the volume is then divided into eight parts. The first …

2018 | Book

Springer Handbook of Systematic Musicology

This unique reference book offers a holistic description of the multifaceted field of systematic musicology, which is the study of music, its production and perception, and its cultural, historical and philosophical background. The seven sections …

2018 | Book

Springer Handbook of Materials Data

The second edition of this well-received handbook is the most concise yet comprehensive compilation of materials data. The chapters provide succinct descriptions and summarize essential and reliable data for various types of materials. The …

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Electrochemical Energy

This comprehensive handbook covers all fundamentals of electrochemistry for contemporary applications. It provides a rich presentation of related topics of electrochemistry with a clear focus on energy technologies. It covers all aspects of …

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Odor

The Springer Handbook of Odor is the definitive guide to all aspects related to the study of smell and their impact on human life. For the first time, this handbook aligns the senso-chemo-analytical characterization of everyday smells encountered by mankind, with the elucidation of perceptual, hedonic, behavioral and physiological responses of humans to such odors.

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Model-Based Science

This handbook offers the first comprehensive reference guide to the interdisciplinary field of model-based reasoning. It highlights the role of models as mediators between theory and experimentation, and as educational devices, as well as their …

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

This Handbook presents a complete and rigorous overview of the fundamentals, methods and applications of the multidisciplinary field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), providing an exhaustive, one-stop reference work and a …

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Electronic and Photonic Materials

The second, updated edition of this essential reference book provides a wealth of detail on a wide range of electronic and photonic materials, starting from fundamentals and building up to advanced topics and applications. Its extensive coverage …

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology

This comprehensive handbook has become the definitive reference work in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, and this 4th edition incorporates a number of recent new developments. It integrates nanofabrication, nanomaterials, nanodevices, nanomechanics, nanotribology, materials science, and reliability engineering knowledge in just one volume.

2017 | Book

Springer Handbook of Petroleum Technology

This handbook provides a comprehensive but concise reference resource for the vast field of petroleum technology. Built on the successful book "Practical Advances in Petroleum Processing" published in 2006, it has been extensively revised and …