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Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing

Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing
61 Volumes | 2006 - 2022


The Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing includes advanced textbooks, research monographs, edited works and conference proceedings covering all major subjects in the field of advanced manufacturing.

The following is a non-exclusive list of subjects relevant to the series:

1. Manufacturing processes and operations (material processing; assembly; test and inspection; packaging and shipping).

2. Manufacturing product and process design (product design; product data management; product development; manufacturing system planning).

3. Enterprise management (product life cycle management; production planning and control; quality management).

Emphasis will be placed on novel material of topical interest (for example, books on nanomanufacturing) as well as new treatments of more traditional areas.

As advanced manufacturing usually involves extensive use of information and communication technology (ICT), books dealing with advanced ICT tools for advanced manufacturing are also of interest to the Series.

Springer and Professor Pham welcome book ideas from authors. Potential authors who wish to submit a book proposal should contact Anthony Doyle, Executive Editor, Springer, e-mail:

All books of the series Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing

2022 | Book

Digital Twin – Fundamental Concepts to Applications in Advanced Manufacturing

This book provides readers with a guide to the use of Digital Twin in manufacturing. It presents a collection of fundamental ideas about sensor electronics and data acquisition, signal and image processing techniques, seamless data communications …

2022 | Book

Optimisation of Robotic Disassembly for Remanufacturing

This book illustrates the main characteristics, challenges and optimisation requirements of robotic disassembly. It provides a comprehensive insight on two crucial optimisation problems in the areas of robotic disassembly through a group of …

2022 | Book

DigiTwin: An Approach for Production Process Optimization in a Built Environment

The focus of this book is an application of Digital Twin as a concept and an approach, based on the most accurate view on a physical production system and its digital representation of complex engineering products and systems. It describes a …

2021 | Book

Socio-Inspired Optimization Methods for Advanced Manufacturing Processes

This book discusses comprehensively the advanced manufacturing processes, including illustrative examples of the processes, mathematical modeling, and the need to optimize associated parameter problems. In addition, it describes in detail the …

2021 | Book

Data Driven Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Applications

This book reports innovative deep learning and big data analytics technologies for smart manufacturing applications. In this book, theoretical foundations, as well as the state-of-the-art and practical implementations for the relevant …

2021 | Book

Hybrid Manufacturing Processes

Physical Fundamentals, Modelling and Rational Applications

This book explores, in a systematic way, both conventional and unconventional material shaping processes with various modes of hybridization in relation to theory, modelling and industrial potential. The demand for high productivity and high …

2021 | Book

Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of Composites

This book describes crucial aspects related to the additive and subtractive manufacturing of different composites.

The first half of this book mainly deals with the various types of composite fabrication methods along with the introduction …

2020 | Book

Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

This book provides a detailed understanding of optimization methods as they are implemented in a variety of manufacturing, fabrication and machining processes. It covers the implementation of statistical methods, multi-criteria decision making …

2020 | Book

Ductile Mode Cutting of Brittle Materials

This book provides a systematic and comprehensive interdisciplinary overview of ductile mode cutting of brittle materials, covering a range of topics from the fundamental physics to engineering practices. Discussing the machining mechanics and …

2020 | Book

Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: From Design to Implementation

This book develops innovative techniques from operational research and management science for the design and implementation of a reconfigurable manufacturing system (RMS), and subsequently analyzes and assesses their performance.

A reconfigurable …

2019 | Book

Social Manufacturing: Fundamentals and Applications

This book introduces social manufacturing, the next generation manufacturing paradigm that covers product life cycle activities that deal with Internet-based organizational and interactive mechanisms under the context of socio-technical systems in …

2019 | Book

Simulation for Industry 4.0

Past, Present, and Future

The book shows how simulation’s long history and close ties to industry since the third industrial revolution have led to its growing importance in Industry 4.0. The book emphasises the role of simulation in the new industrial revolution, and its …

2019 | Book

A Practical Guide to Design for Additive Manufacturing

This book provides a wealth of practical guidance on how to design parts to gain the maximum benefit from what additive manufacturing (AM) can offer. It begins by describing the main AM technologies and their respective advantages and …

2018 | Book

Industry 4.0: Managing The Digital Transformation

This book provides a comprehensive guide to Industry 4.0 applications, not only introducing implementation aspects but also proposing a conceptual framework with respect to the design principles. In addition, it discusses the effects of Industry 4.0, which are reflected in new business models and workforce transformation.

2018 | Book

The Management of Additive Manufacturing

Enhancing Business Value

This book introduces readers to additive technology and its application in different business sectors. It explores the fundamental impact additive has on technology, particularly on operations, innovation, supply chains, the environment and …

2018 | Book

Metal Cutting Theory

New Perspectives and New Approaches

This book summarizes the author’s lifetime achievements, offering new perspectives and approaches in the field of metal cutting theory and its applications. The topics discussed include Non-Euclidian Geometry of Cutting Tools, Non-free Cutting …

2018 | Book

Advanced Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Based on Adhesion Engineering

Wafer-Level Transfer Packaging and Fabrication Techniques Using Interface Energy Control Method

This book introduces microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging utilizing polymers or thin films – a new and unique packaging technology. It first investigates the relationship between applied load and opening displacement as a function of …

2017 | Book

Value Networks in Manufacturing

Sustainability and Performance Excellence

This book highlights innovative solutions together with various techniques and methods that can help support the manufacturing sector to excel in economic, social, and environmental terms in networked business environments. The book also furthers …

2017 | Book

Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0

Analysis for Design and Manufacturing

This book introduces readers to cybersecurity and its impact on the realization of the Industry 4.0 vision. It covers the technological foundations of cybersecurity within the scope of the Industry 4.0 landscape and details the existing …

2017 | Book

Additive Manufacturing of Metals: The Technology, Materials, Design and Production

This book offers a unique guide to the three-dimensional (3D) printing of metals. It covers various aspects of additive, subtractive, and joining processes used to form three-dimensional parts with applications ranging from prototyping to …