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Springer Series in Reliability Engineering

Springer Series in Reliability Engineering
88 Volumes | 2005 - 2021


Today’s modern systems have become increasingly complex to design and build, while the demand for reliability and cost effective development continues. Reliability is one of the most important attributes in all these systems, including aerospace applications, real-time control, medical applications, defense systems, human decision-making, and home-security products. Growing international competition has increased the need for all designers, managers, practitioners, scientists and engineers to ensure a level of reliability of their product before release at the lowest cost. The interest in reliability has been growing in recent years and this trend will continue during the next decade and beyond.

The Springer Series in Reliability Engineering publishes books, monographs and edited volumes in important areas of current theoretical research development in reliability and in areas that attempt to bridge the gap between theory and application in areas of interest to practitioners in industry, laboratories, business, and government.

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Interested authors should contact the series editor, Hoang Pham, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA. Email:, or Anthony Doyle, Executive Editor, Springer, London. Email:

All books of the series Springer Series in Reliability Engineering

2021 | Book

Modern Dynamic Reliability Analysis for Multi-state Systems

Stochastic Processes and the Lz-Transform

This book discusses recent developments in dynamic reliability in multi-state systems (MSS), addressing such important issues as reliability and availability analysis of aging MSS, the impact of initial conditions on MSS reliability and …

2020 | Book

Offshore Risk Assessment Vol. 1

Principles, Modelling and Applications of QRA Studies

This is the first textbook to address quantified risk assessment (QRA) as specifically applied to offshore installations and operations. As the first part of the two-volume updated and expanded fourth edition, it adds a new focus on the EU …

2020 | Book

Offshore Risk Assessment Vol. 2

Principles, Modelling and Applications of QRA Studies

This is the first textbook to address quantified risk assessment (QRA) as specifically applied to offshore installations and operations. As the second part of the two-volume updated and expanded fourth edition, it adds a new focus on the recent …

2020 | Book

Advances in RAMS Engineering

In Honor of Professor Ajit Kumar Verma on His 60th Birthday

This book surveys reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) analyses of various engineering systems. It highlights their role throughout the lifecycle of engineering systems and explains how RAMS activities contribute to their …

2020 | Book

Advances in Reliability Analysis and its Applications

This book presents the latest research in the fields of reliability theory and its applications, providing a comprehensive overview of reliability engineering and discussing various tools, techniques, strategies and methods within these areas.

2020 | Book

Reliability and Statistical Computing

Modeling, Methods and Applications

This book presents the latest developments in both qualitative and quantitative computational methods for reliability and statistics, as well as their applications. Consisting of contributions from active researchers and experienced practitioners …

2019 | Book

Engineering Design under Uncertainty and Health Prognostics

This book presents state-of-the-art probabilistic methods for the reliability analysis and design of engineering products and processes. It seeks to facilitate practical application of probabilistic analysis and design by providing an …

2019 | Book

Technical System Maintenance

Delay-Time-Based Modelling

This book provides a detailed introduction to maintenance policies and the current and future research in these fields, highlighting mathematical formulation and optimization techniques. It comprehensively describes the state of art in maintenance …

2018 | Book

Recent Advances in Multi-state Systems Reliability

Theory and Applications

This book addresses a modern topic in reliability: multi-state and continuous-state system reliability, which has been intensively developed in recent years. It offers an up-to-date overview of the latest developments in reliability theory for …

2018 | Book

Human Factors and Reliability Engineering for Safety and Security in Critical Infrastructures

Decision Making, Theory, and Practice

This book collects a high-quality selection of contemporary research and case studies on the complexity resulting from human/reliability management in industrial plants and critical infrastructures. It includes:

Human-error management …

2018 | Book

Advanced Maintenance Policies for Shock and Damage Models

This book surveys the recent development of maintenance theory, advanced maintenance techniques with shock and damage models, and their applications in computer systems dealing with efficiency problems. It also equips readers to handle multiple …

2018 | Book

Point Processes for Reliability Analysis

Shocks and Repairable Systems

Focusing on the theory and applications of point processes, Point Processes for Reliability Analysis naturally combines classical results on the basic and advanced properties of point processes with recent theoretical findings of the authors. It …

2018 | Book

Risk-Based Engineering

An Integrated Approach to Complex Systems—Special Reference to Nuclear Plants

The book comprehensively covers the various aspects of risk modeling and analysis in technological contexts. It pursues a systems approach to modeling risk and reliability concerns in engineering, and covers the key concepts of risk analysis and …

2017 | Book

Data-Driven Remaining Useful Life Prognosis Techniques

Stochastic Models, Methods and Applications

This book introduces data-driven remaining useful life prognosis techniques, and shows how to utilize the condition monitoring data to predict the remaining useful life of stochastic degrading systems and to schedule maintenance and logistics …

2017 | Book

Risk and Reliability Analysis: Theory and Applications

In Honor of Prof. Armen Der Kiureghian

This book presents a unique collection of contributions from some of the foremost scholars in the field of risk and reliability analysis. Combining the most advanced analysis techniques with practical applications, it is one of the most …

2016 | Book

Reliability and Safety Engineering

Reliability and safety are core issues that must be addressed throughout the life cycle of engineering systems. Reliability and Safety Engineering presents an overview of the basic concepts, together with simple and practical illustrations.


2016 | Book

Quality and Reliability Management and Its Applications

Integrating development processes, policies, and reliability predictions from the beginning of the product development lifecycle to ensure high levels of product performance and safety, this book helps companies overcome the challenges posed by

2016 | Book

Reliability and Life-Cycle Analysis of Deteriorating Systems

This book compiles and critically discusses modern engineering system degradation models and their impact on engineering decisions. In particular, the authors focus on modeling the uncertain nature of degradation considering both conceptual discus

2016 | Book

OSS Reliability Measurement and Assessment

This book analyses quantitative open source software (OSS) reliability assessment and its applications, focusing on three major topic areas: the Fundamentals of OSS Quality/Reliability Measurement and Assessment; the Practical Applications of OSS …

2016 | Book

Principles of Performance and Reliability Modeling and Evaluation

Essays in Honor of Kishor Trivedi on his 70th Birthday

This book presents the latest key research into the performance and reliability aspects of dependable fault-tolerant systems and features commentary on the fields studied by Prof. Kishor S. Trivedi during his distinguished career. Analyzing system …