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2023 | Book Series

Springer Studies in Law & Geoeconomics

Springer Studies in Law & Geoeconomics

2 Volumes | 2023 - 2024


The series ‘Springer Studies in Law & Geoeconomics’ is devoted to analyzing the role of law in conditioning the use of geoeconomic power and the role of geoeconomic power in conditioning the formation, enforcement, and systematic variation of laws and (public and private) norms. The series specializes in the application to these problems of insights developed across scientific disciplines, not only law and IR, but also geography (economic and political), economic sociology, economic anthropology, comparative politics, epistemology, history, economics and game theory, probability theory, negotiation theory, cognitive science, and social psychology. The range of disciplinary approaches dealt with by the series is virtually unlimited, in line with its commitment to transcending disciplinary boundaries.
The series welcomes contributions from distinguished legal scholars working in international, comparative, or domestic law, empirical legal studies, or different “law and . . .” areas, as well as IR scholars, political economists, and political scientists with an interdisciplinary focus. The series also strives to offer a forum for contributions to legal theory by scholars working in disciplines outside of law. For thematic issues, particular issues are commissioned and a call for papers is distributed. The series also publishes open issues that provide publication possibilities for uncommissioned manuscripts intended to stimulate submissions by talented master students and Ph.D. candidates.
The series publishes contributions following a substantive review by the editors and rigorous double-blind peer-review by external experts as appropriate. The series editors have published extensively in the field of law and geoeconomics. They are supported by an international board of advisory editors consisting of established scholars of the highest reputation.