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Springer Theses

Springer Theses

Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. Research

526 Volumes | 2010 - 2021


Aims and Scope

The series “Springer Theses” brings together a selection of the very best Ph.D. theses from around the world and across the physical sciences. Nominated and endorsed by two recognized specialists, each published volume has been selected for its scientific excellence and the high impact of its contents for the pertinent field of research. For greater accessibility to non-specialists, the published versions include an extended introduction, as well as a foreword by the student’s supervisor explaining the special relevance of the work for the field. As a whole, the series will provide a valuable resource both for newcomers to the research fields described, and for other scientists seeking detailed background information on special questions. Finally, it provides an accredited documentation of the valuable contributions made by today’s younger generation of scientists.

Theses may be nominated for publication in this series by heads of department at internationally leading universities or institutes and should fulfill all of the following criteria

  • They must be written in good English.
  • The topic should fall within the confines of Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Engineering and related interdisciplinary fields such as Materials, Nanoscience, Chemical Engineering, Complex Systems and Biophysics.
  • The work reported in the thesis must represent a significant scientific advance.
  • If the thesis includes previously published material, permission to reproduce this must be gained from the respective copyright holder (a maximum 30% of the thesis should be a verbatim reproduction from the author's previous publications).
  • They must have been examined and passed during the 12 months prior to nomination.
  • Each thesis should include a foreword by the supervisor outlining the significance of its content.
  • The theses should have a clearly defined structure including an introduction accessible to new PhD students and scientists not expert in the relevant field.

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All books of the series Springer Theses

2021 | Book

Characterization of Neural Activity Using Complex Network Theory

An Application to the Study of Schizophrenia

This book reports on the development and assessment of a novel framework for studying neural interactions (the connectome) and their dynamics (the chronnectome). Using EEG recordings taken during an auditory oddball task performed by 48 patients …

2021 | Book

Advances in State Estimation, Diagnosis and Control of Complex Systems

This book presents theoretical and practical findings on the state estimation, diagnosis and control of complex systems, especially in the mathematical form of descriptor systems. The research is fully motivated by real-world applications (i.e. …

2021 | Book

Research on the Key Technologies in Narrowband Interference and Impulsive Noise Mitigation and Cancellation

This book summarizes the authors’ latest research on narrowband interference and impulsive noise mitigation and cancelation, including (i) mitigating the impacts of NBI on synchronization; (ii) improving time-frequency interleaving performance …

2021 | Book

Development of Implantable Electronics as Novel Approaches to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This book addresses novel methods to treat a very popular disease, obstructive sleep apnea, based on a knowledge of an electrical engineering. Two approaches are given in the book using an upper-airway stimulation based on the pathogenesis of an …

2021 | Book

Geochemical Behavior of Levoglucosan in Tibetan Plateau Glacier Snow and Ice

This book focuses on geochemical behavior and ancient records of the specific biomarker levoglucosan in Tibetan glaciers, Based on samples from the Zangsegangri (ZSGR) ice cores obtained from the central Tibetan Plateau, it presents annually …

2021 | Book

The Effect of Uncertainty on Tidal Stream Energy Resource Estimates

This thesis is focused on river and tidal stream power assessment, focussing particularly on uncertainties in power estimates resulting from inaccurate characterisation of bed roughness and turbine drag. It presents analytical and numerical models …

2021 | Book

Thermal Radiative Properties of Uniaxial Anisotropic Materials and Their Manipulations

This book presents mainly studies on the calculation methods of thermal radiative properties of uniaxial anisotropic materials, unidirectional transmission, ultrabroadband perfect absorption, and near-field radiative heat transfer with uniaxial …

2021 | Book

Magnetic Monopole Noise

This thesis presents the first ever measurement of the noise emitted by magnetic monopoles and the development of an exquisitely sensitive magnetic-field-noise spectrometer based on a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) that …

2021 | Book

The Chemistry of Nitrate Radical (NO3) and Dinitrogen Pentoxide (N2O5) in Beijing

This book systematically describes the instrument setup for the measurement of nitrate radical (NO3) and dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5), as well as the mixing ratio, chemical behaviors, and atmospheric impacts of NO3 and N2O5 in Beijing, China. It …

2021 | Book

Estimating Functional Connectivity and Topology in Large-Scale Neuronal Assemblies

Statistical and Computational Methods

This book describes a set of novel statistical algorithms designed to infer functional connectivity of large-scale neural assemblies. The algorithms are developed with the aim of maximizing computational accuracy and efficiency, while faithfully …

2021 | Book

Reactive Power Support Using Photovoltaic Systems

Techno-Economic Analysis and Implementation Algorithms

With the widespread adoption of photovoltaic (PV) systems across the world, many researchers, industry players, and regulators have been exploring the use of reactive power from PV to support the grid. This thesis is the first to comprehensively …

2021 | Book

Spatial Analysis in Karst Geomorphology: An Example from Krk Island, Croatia

This book presents (i) a comprehensive methodological approach in analyzing karst surface features using contemporary GIS tools of high resolution applied on a large study area and extensive dataset, (ii) a revision and evaluation of the existing …

2021 | Book

Analysis and Implementation of Isogeometric Boundary Elements for Electromagnetism

This book presents a comprehensive mathematical and computational approach for solving electromagnetic problems of practical relevance, such as electromagnetic scattering and the cavity problems. After an in-depth introduction to the mathematical …

2021 | Book

Modern Classification Theory of Superconducting Gap Nodes

This book puts forward a modern classification theory for superconducting gap nodes, whose structures can be observed by experiments and are essential for understanding unconventional superconductivity. In the first part of the book, the …

2021 | Book

Mathematical Analysis and Simulation of Field Models in Accelerator Circuits

This book deals with the analysis and development of numerical methods for the time-domain analysis of multiphysical effects in superconducting circuits of particle accelerator magnets. An important challenge is the simulation of “quenching”, i.e.

2021 | Book

Near Infrared Detectors Based on Silicon Supersaturated with Transition Metals

This thesis makes a significant contribution to the development of cheaper Si-based Infrared detectors, operating at room temperature. In particular, the work is focused in the integration of the Ti supersaturated Si material into a CMOS Image …

2021 | Book

Experimental Research of Cavity Optomechanics

This thesis presents experimental research on the interaction between the optical field and the mechanical oscillator in whispering-gallery mode microcavities. It demonstrates how optomechanical interactions in a microresonator can be used to …

2021 | Book

Theory of Generation and Conversion of Phonon Angular Momentum

This book presents a theoretical study of the generation and conversion of phonon angular momentum in crystals.

Recently, rotational motions of lattice vibrations, i.e., phonons, in crystals attract considerable attentions. As such, the book …

2021 | Book

Development of In-Tether Carbon Chiral Center-Induced Helical Peptide

Methodology and Applications

This book focuses on the development of stapled peptides, a novel molecular modality used to regulate aberrant intracellular protein–protein interactions (PPIs). The author designs and presents a novel helical peptide stabilization methodology by …

2021 | Book

Thermal Stability of Metastable Magnetic Skyrmions

The energy cost associated with modern information technologies has been increasing exponentially over time, stimulating the search for alternative information storage and processing devices. Magnetic skyrmions are solitonic nanometer-scale …