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All books of the series SpringerBriefs from the European Space Policy Institute

2019 | Book

European Access to Space: Business and Policy Perspectives on Micro Launchers

The book provides an analysis of the dynamics of the global launch service market associated with small satellites, by placing a particular focus on its unfolding trends and future outlook.
From an economic perspective, the emergence of numerous …

2019 | Book

Commercial Space Exploration

Potential Contributions of Private Actors to Space Exploration Programmes

This book offers a comprehensive overview of current space exploration in terms of geopolitical and commercial aspects. Despite multiple attempts to foster commercial activities in the field of space exploration, for decades the domain largely …

2019 | Book

Measuring Space Power

A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation on Europe

This book provides an in-depth investigation of the concept of space power and devises a novel conceptual framework for empirically measuring and comparing different typologies of space actors on the basis of clearly defined criteria. In turn, the …

2018 | Book

The Rise of Private Actors in the Space Sector

This book provides a broad set of information and data on the rise of private actors in the space sector, organized into different topics covering the various trends that have shaped the space sector during the last decade. The book, written in a …