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All books of the series SpringerBriefs in Computational Intelligence

2019 | Book

Audio Processing and Speech Recognition

Concepts, Techniques and Research Overviews

This book offers an overview of audio processing, including the latest advances in the methodologies used in audio processing and speech recognition. First, it discusses the importance of audio indexing and classical information retrieval problem …

2019 | Book

Satellite Image Analysis: Clustering and Classification

Thanks to recent advances in sensors, communication and satellite technology, data storage, processing and networking capabilities, satellite image acquisition and mining are now on the rise. In turn, satellite images play a vital role in …

2018 | Book

New Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Diagnosis and Risk Evaluation of Arterial Hypertension

In this book, a new approach for diagnosis and risk evaluation of ar-terial hypertension is introduced. The new approach was implement-ed as a hybrid intelligent system combining modular neural net-works and fuzzy systems. The different responses …

2018 | Book

Neural Networks for Cooperative Control of Multiple Robot Arms

This is the first book to focus on solving cooperative control problems of multiple robot arms using different centralized or distributed neural network models, presenting methods and algorithms together with the corresponding theoretical analysis …

2018 | Book

Canonical Instabilities of Autonomous Vehicle Systems

The Unsettling Reality Behind the Dreams of Greed

The asymptotic limit theorems of control and information theories make it possible to explore the dynamics of collapse likely to afflict large-scale systems of autonomous ground vehicles that communicate with each other and with an embedding …

2018 | Book

Continuous Fuzzy Evaluation Methods: A Novel Tool for the Analysis and Decision Making in Football (or Soccer) Matches

A New Innovative Proposal to FIFA & UEFA

This book presents a proposal for a new soft computing innovative method called by “CFE” forevaluation of the football matches of FIFA(IFAB) and UEFA to compute the true ‘Winner’. It is a research work in the area of ‘Football Science’, being …

2018 | Book

Ensembles of Type 2 Fuzzy Neural Models and Their Optimization with Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Time Series Prediction

This book focuses on the fields of hybrid intelligent systems based on fuzzy systems, neural networks, bio-inspired algorithms and time series. This book describes the construction of ensembles of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks models and …

2018 | Book

Identifying Patterns in Financial Markets

New Approach Combining Rules Between PIPs and SAX

This book describes a new pattern discovery approach based on the combination among rules between Perceptually Important Points (PIPs) and the Symbolic Aggregate approximation (SAX) representation optimized by Genetic Algorithm (GA). The proposed …

2018 | Book

Carl von Clausewitz, the Fog-of-War, and the AI Revolution

The Real World Is Not A Game Of Go

The language of business is the language of dreams, but the language of war is the language of nightmare made real. Yet business dreams of driverless cars on intelligent roads, and of other real-time critical systems under the control of …

2018 | Book

Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Financial Pattern Discovery Using GPUs

This Brief presents a study of SAX/GA, an algorithm to optimize market trading strategies, to understand how the sequential implementation of SAX/GA and genetic operators work to optimize possible solutions. This study is later used as the …

2018 | Book

New Classification Method Based on Modular Neural Networks with the LVQ Algorithm and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

In this book a new model for data classification was developed. This new model is based on the competitive neural network Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) and type-2 fuzzy logic. This computational model consists of the hybridization of the …

2018 | Book

Dynamic Parameter Adaptation for Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithms Through Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

In this book, a methodology for parameter adaptation in meta-heuristic op-timization methods is proposed. This methodology is based on using met-rics about the population of the meta-heuristic methods, to decide through a fuzzy inference system …

2017 | Book

Type-2 Fuzzy Granular Models

In this book, a series of granular algorithms are proposed. A nature inspired granular algorithm based on Newtonian gravitational forces is proposed. A series of methods for the formation of higher-type information granules represented by Interval …

2017 | Book

Fuzzy Logic Based Power-Efficient Real-Time Multi-Core System

This book focuses on identifying the performance challenges involved in computer architectures, optimal configuration settings and analysing their impact on the performance of multi-core architectures. Proposing a power and throughput-aware …

2017 | Book

Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Technologies: Business Models Evolution and New Investment Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is a huge breakthrough technology that is changing our world. It requires some degrees of technical skills to be developed and understood, so in this book we are going to first of all define AI and categorize it with a …

2017 | Book

Edge Detection Methods Based on Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

In this book four new methods are proposed. In the first method the generalized type-2 fuzzy logic is combined with the morphological gra-dient technique. The second method combines the general type-2 fuzzy systems (GT2 FSs) and the Sobel …

2017 | Book

Optimization of Type-2 Fuzzy Controllers Using the Bee Colony Algorithm

This book focuses on the fields of fuzzy logic, bio-inspired algorithm; especially bee colony optimization algorithm and also considering the fuzzy control area. The main idea is that this areas together can to solve various control problems and …

2016 | Book

Hierarchical Type-2 Fuzzy Aggregation of Fuzzy Controllers

This book focuses on the fields of fuzzy logic, granular computing and also considering the control area. These areas can work together to solve various control problems, the idea is that this combination of areas would enable even more complex pr

2016 | Book

Is ‘Fuzzy Theory’ an Appropriate Tool for Large Size Problems?

The work in this book is based on philosophical as well as logical views on the subject of decoding the ‘progress’ of decision making process in the cognition system of a decision maker (be it a human or an animal or a bird or any livi

2016 | Book

Portfolio Optimization Using Fundamental Indicators Based on Multi-Objective EA

This work presents a new approach to portfolio composition in the stock market. It incorporates a fundamental approach using financial ratios and technical indicators with a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms to choose the portfolio composition