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All books of the series SpringerBriefs in Computational Mechanics

2019 | Book

Finite Elements for Truss and Frame Structures

An Introduction Based on the Computer Algebra System Maxima

This book is intended as an essential study aid for the finite element method. Based on the free computer algebra system Maxima, the authors offer routines for symbolically or numerically solving problems in the context of plane truss and frame …

2019 | Book

Damage Tolerance of Metallic Aircraft Structures

Materials and Numerical Modelling

This book provides a state-of-the-art review of the fail-safe and damage tolerance approaches, allowing weight savings and increasing aircraft reliability and structural integrity.

The application of the damage tolerance approach requires extensive …

2019 | Book

Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Actuators

This book presents a detailed study on the vibration analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric actuators excited under the shear effect. Two types of actuator geometries viz. beam and annular plate are considered, where the material properties …

2019 | Book

R for Finite Element Analyses of Size-dependent Microscale Structures

This book addresses the static and dynamic analysis of linear elastic size-dependent structures based on the modified couple stress theory. It focuses on establishing the governing equations of the size-dependent structures, deriving the …

2018 | Book

Seismic Fragility Assessment for Buildings due to Earthquake Excitation

This book presents a simplified approach to earthquake engineering by developing the fragility curve for regular and irregular moment-resisting frames based on different types of structural material, height, and ground motion records. It examines …

2018 | Book

Computational Plasticity for Finite Elements

A Fortran-Based Introduction

This volume demonstrates the use of FORTRAN for numerical computing in the context of the finite element method. FORTRAN is still an important programming language for computational mechanics and all classical finite element codes are written in …

2018 | Book

Mechanics of Soccer Heading and Protective Headgear

This short book provides a concise study of the mechanics of head impact in a soccer heading manoeuvre. It describes the development and validation of finite element models of soccer ball and human head, as well as the simulation of brain dynamics …

2016 | Book

Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Heterogeneous Media

This book presents, in a self-contained fashion, a series of studies on flow and heat transfer in porous media, in which distinct energy balances are considered for the porous matrix and for the permeating fluid. Detailed mathematical modeling is pre

2016 | Book

Wear Prediction on Total Ankle Replacement

Effect of Design Parameters

This book develops and analyses computational wear simulations of the total ankle replacement for the stance phase of gait cycle. The emphasis is put on the relevant design parameters. The book presents a model consisting of three components; tibial,

2016 | Book

Finite Element Analysis on Badminton Racket Design Parameters

This work identifies the characteristics of racket design parameters that influence racket performance. It presents the finite element analysis of several designs of badminton rackets and compares them to experimental results for validation. Desi

2016 | Book

Loadings in Thermal Barrier Coatings of Jet Engine Turbine Blades

An Experimental Research and Numerical Modeling

This book discusses complex loadings of turbine blades and protective layer Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC), under real working airplane jet conditions. They obey both multi-axial mechanical loading and sudden temperature variation during starting …

2015 | Book

Design of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Actuators

This short monograph presents an analysis and design methodology for shape memory alloy (SMA) components such as wires, beams, and springs for different applications. The solid-solid, diffusionless phase transformations in thermally responsive SMA

2015 | Book

Elastic/Plastic Discs Under Plane Stress Conditions

This Volume presents a unified approach to calculate the plane stress distribution of stress and strain in thin elastic/plastic discs subject to various loading conditions. There is a vast amount of literature on analytical and semi-analytical soluti

2015 | Book

Technological Aspects of Manufacturing and Numerical Modelling of Clinch-Adhesive Joints

This short book describes the basic technological aspects involved in the creation of purely clinch and clinch-adhesive joints made of different types of adherent materials and employing different joining technologies. Basic parameters that need t

2015 | Book

A Primer on the Geometry of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Modifications

This volume presents a comprehensive system for categorizing carbon nanotubes and their modifications in terms of nano sheets, nanotubes, microscopic and atomic modifications. In addition, the material and geometric properties of these nano-config

2015 | Book

The Pullout Performance of Pedicle Screws

This brief book systematically discusses all subjects that affect the pullout strength of pedicle screws. These screws are used in spinal surgeries to stabilize the spine. The holding strength of the pedicle screw is vital since loosening of the p

2014 | Book

Phenomena and Computational Models of Non-Proportional Fatigue of Materials

This book gives an overview on the fatigue of materials under non-proportional loads. It presents the rich spectrum of phenomena and treats various computational models to mathematically describe the non-proportional fatigue of materials.

2014 | Book

Computational Biomechanics of the Hip Joint

This book presents analyses of the most commonly reported failure modes of hip stems: loosening and thigh pain; both are attributed to the relative motion and instability at the bone-implant interface due to failure to achieve sufficient primary fix

2013 | Book

Computational Biomechanics of the Wrist Joint

This book presents an analysis of the stress distribution and contact stresses in severe rheumatoid wrist after total wrist arthroplasty. It assesses and compares the load transfer throughout the joint and contact pressure at the articulations. The d

2013 | Book

Biomechanics in Dentistry: Evaluation of Different Surgical Approaches to Treat Atrophic Maxilla Patients

This book shows computational finite element simulations to analyse the strength of implant anchorage for intrasinus and extramaxillary approaches under various occlusal loading locations and directions. Three-dimensional model of the craniofacial ar